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Copy of Resume/Cover Letter Overview

How to present your best self on paper for internship/job opportunities!

Deanna Mabe

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Resume/Cover Letter Overview

WCC Resources For
Resumes & Cover Letters:
Quick Tips
Experience *
Purpose of a Resume & Cover Letter
Possible Resume Sections
GENERATE interest in you
SHOWCASE your qualifications for the job
GET an interview!

Rules of Thumb
NO Typos/Misspellings
NO Lying
NO Negatives
NO Irrelevant Information
NO Personal Pronouns on Resumes
Resume & Cover Letter Basics
Should be 1 page (incorporate white space)

Maintain at least .6" margins

Use a font like Times New Roman or Arial (10.5 - 12 pt. font)

Create an organized and readable layout

Be purposeful with all caps, bold, italics, and underlining

Be consistent with spacing, style, format, and punctuation
Power Verbs
Content Basics
Design resume with an OBJECTIVE in mind

Concentrate on your STRENGTHS

Use keywords when describing skills

Do not falsify or exaggerate information

Use power verbs to describe accomplishments

Professional Affiliations
Contact Information Section
Name, address, and phone number
Use professional email address
Links to Website/LinkedIn profile (if applicable)
Experience Section
Bulleted Items for Experience Section

“Funded by a U.S. Department of Labor ETA grant award. This announcement is the creation of the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the USDOL.”

Deanna Mabe Chris Robinson
WCC Wytheville

Margaret Hollingsworth Mary Ann Halsey
WCC Galax
Education Section
honors and awards
relevant coursework
List positions in reverse chronological order.
Include Position Title, Employer Name, Location, Dates of Employment/Involvement, and Accomplishments/Skills Used.
* = Required for Basic Resume
Detail Accomplishments/Results, not responsibilities.
Avoid saying "Responsibilities/Duties included..."
Start with Action Verbs (watch verb tense).
Quantify when possible.
Be honest - don't exaggerate or sell yourself short.
Use only 1-2 lines of text per bullet.
Show, don't tell!
Career Counselor Appointments:

Deanna Mabe 223-4102

Bland Hall Academic Resource Center (ARC)
to ensure staff had easy access to all critical information.
Adhered strictly
to all safety and infection prevention standards.

difficult customers
tactfully and courteously
busy, high-volume retail outlet.
When not using an accomplishment statement, describe how well you performed job tasks:
Activities/Volunteer Work
Professional Profile
Education *
Contact Info *
Military Experience
degree, school, location, and graduation date
major(s) and minor(s), and GPA if appropriate
study abroad, special projects, thesis
Content to include:
Sample Freshman/Sophomore Resume
Sample Senior Year Resume
First Draft:
Promoted campus-wide events.
Created eye-catching banners and flyers advertising 8 campus events, each drawing an audience of 50+.
Presented by:
Deanna Mabe
Adult Career Coach
Bland Hall
Academic Resource Center

Elements of
Cover Letter

Make it Happen!
Reiterate interest in position.
Request action to be taken:
Ask for an interview!
If you plan to follow up - state this (and then do so).
Make clear how you can be contacted: Phone/Email
Thank the reader for their time/consideration.
Make an Impression!
Be industry sensitive

State why you are writing:
Position you are applying to
Where you learned about it
Why you are interested in it - demonstrate knowledge about employer
Use name when possible - Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr./Dr. (Name):
Focus on Employer - Not You!
Body (2-3 Paragraphs)
Select 3 qualifications to highlight
Avoid a lot of first person voice:
“I did…”, “I have…”, or “I want…”
Focus on YOU!
Use examples to bring resume to life
Show how qualifications match needs
Make the Connection!
Use resume header at top of cover letter
Include date you are sending it
Month Day, Year
Include Name and Address of Employer
Paragraph 1: Intro/Fit
Paragraph 2-3: Outline Education/Experience
Paragraph 4: Conclusion
Cover Letter
Research the employer and position:
What is their mission?
What do they do/provide?
Size? History? Workforce? (LinkedIn)
Who is their ideal candidate?
You Start
How To Prepare
Underline keywords in job description
Link experiences to keywords
Figure out what appeals to you
Check for existing networks (Alumnae Hub/Linkedin)
Note specific cover letter requirements
Outline qualifications for the role.
Give examples demonstrating you have what they want.
Incorporate keywords/company language into your writing.
Putting Your
Research to Work
Address it to a specific person
1-page in length, 3-4 paragraphs
Follow application instructions - pay attention to details

Save files so they are easily identifiable:

Write a cover letter even if it says “optional”

Paper/font should match resume

Appearance and style counts - spelling, grammar, voice

Incorporate keywords from the job posting
Content to consider including:
Thank You!
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