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Middle Colonies

No description

ben stillson

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Middle Colonies

Middle Colonies Modern day New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Climate The coastal regions along the Middle Colonies were wetlands. The Middle Colonies surpassed New England in growing crops. New England's rocky soil made it difficult for crops to grow. The warmer climate in the Middle Colonies allowed settlers to have a longer growing season. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn in 1682. Pennsylvania had peaceful relations with the natives. Pennsylvania's economy thrived on grain and livestock. Pennsylvania was established as a haven for European Quakers. Quakers suffered in England for a several reasons. They didn't fight in England's wars. The Quakers did not bow to nobles or even the King. They didn't pay taxes, believing the money would go to military power. Therefore, the Quakers were prosecuted and many served in English prison before fleeing to the New World. Delaware Delaware was founded by Sweden in 1633. Delaware experienced hostility with the natives. Delaware's economy consisted of wheat, grain, flax, flour, vegetables, fruit, fish, and lumber. The middle colonies accepted people of different religions and cultures. Some cultures of colonists were: German Dutch Scots-Irish Scandinavian English Delaware was first called New Sweden. Delaware was then taken by the Dutch in 1655, and the name was changed to Delaware. New Jersey 1600 1800 1609 Henry Hudson sails along the New Jersey shore and claims land for the Netherlands. 1638 Swedish settlers purchase land near Cape May. 1664 England gains control of New Jersey. 1746 Princeton university is founded. 1758 Land near Indian Mills is set aside for the Lenni-Lenape people. Fought with natives over land. Royal Colony, created for profit. Economy consisted of flax, rye, wheat, corn, and vegetables. New York New York was first the New Netherlands The New Netherlands (modern day New York) was founded in 1614. In 1667, the English gained control over the New Netherlands and renamed it New York, after the duke of York. The English gained control over New Netherlands by sending a fleet of warships as intimidation. The Dutch surrendered the land immediately. New Netherlands had bad relations with the Natives. New York, however, made an alliance as a source of even more intimidation. New York's economy consisted of fur trade, grain, cattle, and lumber. Hudson River WEAPONRY The weaponry showcased was used in combat. The weaponry could have been used for intimidation. The Native and colonist weaponry would be used in battles between them. This would occur in colonies in which their relations with the natives were hostile. New Netherlands, Delaware, and New Jersey colonies would have battles against the natives. Native American Tomahawk: 17th Century Warship: Cannon: These warships were used when the English sent them to New Netherlands to intimidate the Dutch. The cannons shown would have been used on the ground
for protecting structures and placed on warships. Flintlock Pistol/Rifle: The flintlock rifle and pistol would be used by the Europeans in ground close quarter combat. Here is a demonstration of the rifle: Bibliography http://www.ushistory.org/us/4b.asp http://www.mce.k12tn.net/colonial_america/middle_colonies.htm http://www.east-buc.k12.ia.us/00_01/ca/13cA.htm http://www.eduplace.com/ss/socsci/books/content/ilessons/51/ils_gr5b_u3_c06_l2.pdf This prezi was brought to you by........ Ben Johnny Kai bring it on cheney !!!!! Thanks for watching! If you sneezed during this presentation then bless you Peace off
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