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The Charley Harper Curriculum

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Samantha Setterlin

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Charley Harper Curriculum

The Charley Harper Art Curriculum
The Charley Harper Estate is working to create and distribute a free art curriculum that is based on the work of Charley Harper. This curriculum will be provided through the Charley Harper Originals web page. In the education section of the website educators will be able to collaborate by sharing ideas, lesson plans and information regarding Charley Harper’s artworks. Educators will also be able to view and purchase educational materials created by Pomegranate that will enhance lesson plans. Additionally social media will be used (Pinterest account or Facebook page) to link educators back to the Charley Harper Education page.

By working collaboratively educators will create a Charley Harper curriculum focused on interdisciplinary teaching methods. There are many ways to transcend the art classroom by teaching environmentalism, geometry and Ohio history using Charley Harper’s artworks (these are just a few ways to incorporate other subjects.) This new collection of teacher ideas and functional lesson plans will provide educators and children with a new perspective for teaching through Charley Harper’s works.
In The Art Classroom
In addition to the written curriculum we will be creating marketable Charley Harper art kits, which can be purchased by educators or travel with the exhibition. One example of an art kit could be the Harper silkscreen kit. This kit would include an already exposed silkscreen of one of Charley’s animals, a squeegee and ink. Many teachers or museum educators would like to teach the silk-screening process but do not have the facilities to properly coat and expose a screen. Currently Tiger Lily Press, a Fine Art Printmaking Studio is willing to help us begin our workshops and test our kits. Tiger Lily offers a wide variety of children’s workshops through the Dunham Recreation Center. We would be able to take advantage of their studio space, printmaking expertise and current enrolled students.
Ideas and lessons for curriculum based on grade:
Kindergarten- Idea: Charley Harper coloring book pages accessible through web page (Get permission).
Idea: Charley Harper felt shapes (Pomegranate).
1st grade: Lesson: Where in the world is Charley Harper’s ladybug? In which students learned about Charley Harper’s ladybug prints, ladybug facts and shapes that make up ladybugs. Students collaged their own ladybug while choosing where in the world their Charley Harper ladybugs would live. Who knew one of Charley Harper’s ladybugs lived in a castle or in a volcano? Ohio Content Standards: Perceiving/Knowing 7PE Generate artmaking ideas from their daily experiences and the environment.
2nd grade: Lesson: Charley Harper’s animal alphabet project is inspired by the Charley Harper alphabet Flash Card. Allowing children to pick a letter, pick an animal that starts with that letter and create their own animal flashcard. Ohio Content Standards: Perceiving/Knowing 1 PE Notice and point out details and respond to expressive features in artworks.
Lesson: Charley Harper cardinal collage. Using construction paper, markers and yarn. They will learn about cardinals and that they are the Ohio State bird. Ohio Content Standards: Perceiving/Knowing 5 PE Identify and describe cultural symbols, image and contexts of works of art.
4th grade: Lesson: Students can create low relief sculptures using cardboard and glue. They will first look at the artworks of Charley Harper and choose an animal to represent. Then they will break the animal down into shapes and sketch the pieces they will need to make their relief. When finished students will paint their animals with tempera paint. This will fulfill 6 PE Identify and name the sources for artmaking ideas (e.g. self, environment, and other people.) and 5 PR combine the elements and principles of art and design to create visually effective compositions in originals works of art.
5th grade: Idea: Charley Harper mosaics: Students can use tiles to create their own animals mosaics inspired by Charley Harper’s mosaic tile work. Using graph paper students will use geometry to create their animals. Once their sketch is finalized they can use colored pencil to color in. The graph paper will be used as the blueprints for the final mosaic, students will use acrylic paints to paint their tiles. Their final tile work can be mounted onto an artist board or thick cardboard piece.
6th grade: Idea: For older students (middle and high school) create a screen printing set that can be purchased. Already burnt screen with ink, squeegee, possibly paper/fabric. Image of one of Charley Harper’s animals agreed upon by the estate. If kids do t shirts free advertisement, plus screen will not last forever. Ohio Content Standards Producing/Performing 1PR Demonstrate technical skill and craftsmanship in the use of materials, tools and technology to solve an artistic problem.
8th grade: Idea: Charley Harper linoleum block prints. Choose an animal to represent in the style of Charley Harper. Carve a linoleum block and print. Learn about shapes and positive-negative space and the printmaking process. Ohio Content Standard Producing/Performing 2PR Demonstrate increased technical skill and craftmanship by using more complex processes and materials to design and create two- and three- dimensional artworks.
The Charley Harper Estate is working to create and distribute a free art curriculum that is based on the artwork of Charley Harper. This presentation will include the education section and education forum of the Charley Harper Originals web page. The education section will include free lesson plans, downloadable images, activities and an education forum. The Charley Harper curriculum will also include purchasable art education kits for teachers and museum educators. The workshop will showcase the Harper silk-screening kit. This kit will include an already exposed silkscreen of one of Charley’s animals, a squeegee and ink. Many teachers or museum educators would like to teach the silk-screening process but do not have the facilities to properly coat and expose a screen. This kit will allow educators to easily teach the silk-screening process while taking an up close look at the design and process behind Charley Harper’s artwork.
By: Samantha Setterlin
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