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Copy of Unit 4 Lesson 20: Dex

No description

Diane Swenson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 4 Lesson 20: Dex

Unit 4 Lesson 2
Dex The Heart of a Hero

Target Skill
Compare and Contrast
Anchor Text:
Dex The Heart of a Hero
Your Turn-Contrast
Choose one of these Superheroes.
Pretend you are a news report. What questions would you ask this Superhero? What would be this Superheroes response to your questions?
Essential Question
How can I compare and contrast two characters or how one character changes in a story?
Work with your shoulder partner and find at least three differences between Dex and Bolt. Use evidence from the text to support your details.
Reading Centers
Read to Self
: Main Idea Bingo
Partner Read
: Informational Text Activity Box
: AR, Lexia, Reading Plus, Think Central, Typing Home
Word Work
: Pear Pairs
: Writing Center Activity Box
Use Smartboard T-Chart
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