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Holly Thompson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of FLDS CULT

FLDS Thesis Although the FLDS say that the foundation of their belief system is family, women and children, 2 essential parts in a family unit, are treated unfairly. Dress Code - women do not wear makeup, pants, or skirts above the knees
-women do not cut their hair short
- men wear long-sleeved, collared shirts & full length pants
- both genders aren't allowed any body piercings or tattoos
- both genders wear plain and neutral coloured clothing Belief System - basis of their belief is polygamy
-believe that they were instructed by God to keep plural marriage alive
- believe that to obey the prophet is to obey God
- believe in law of placement
-believe that practicing polygamy will provide them with good opportunities in the after life
- believe that if they do not follow the strict rules in place, they will be shunned or ultimately end up in hell

http://www.andersoncooper.com/2011/09/22/flds-when-your-sister-becomes-your-mother/ Warren Jeffs - took over the FLDS after father, Rulon Jeffs died
- became the prophet of the FLDS
- became known after being placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list
- rapist/felon, and was charged for 2 counts of rape on 12 and 15-year-old girls
- convicted in 2007
- discovered that he suffers from Benjamin Button Disease LDS Vs FLDS D
- do not practice
- do not force children
get married
at young ages
- interacts well with the
rest of the world
- excommunicate its
members who continued
polygamy -believe that
is a sin
-believe in one
true church
families -practice polygamy
-force children to get
married at young ages
- forbidden to express
- seclude themselves
from society in
compounds Leaving the Cult - women don't have the ability to protect
their children
- hard to leave for this reason
- brainwashed into believing that they are sinners if they leave, which embeds fear Now - after the many raids performed on the compounds, young girls and women were taken from the community and placed into legal custody of the state
- some women stayed loyal to their polygamist community, while others admitted to the cult’s wrongdoing
- even though Jeffs is incarcerated, he is still somehow able to lead the FLDS
- still to this day has thousands of followers
- many communities are still holding strong in Utah and practicing polygamy, which is all that they have ever known
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