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Rosalie Hall

No description

Desi Monette

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Rosalie Hall

Rosalie Hall When was It Founded Who Founded this ? Where was it founded ? How does this movement operate? What issue of justice/peace does this institution address? Why was it initiated? What responsibility do we have as Christians to address this issue? It first was founded in 1914, and in 1925 it began to expand and develop.
In 1956 with such a gross they were experiencing they moved to Scarborough, and is now known as the Scarborough Hospital and Rosalie Hall. The Misericordia Sisters started the
St. Mary's Infant Home on Bond Street., that eventually grew and was moved into a bigger facility. It was founded in Toronto and then later was moved to Scarborough, In 1914, because lack of suitable maternity and infant care
of single women and their children were becoming an increasing problem. This lead to the Misericordia Sisters starting the St. Mary's Infant Home (known as Rosalie Hall). assists young parents in need and their children to realize
their potential through the provision of a wide range
of community, residential, educational, and
child development services. This institution addresses those who normally would be left abandoned. It allows for women to seek the help they need and deserve, that Catholics would usually denied if you were with child and not married. As Christians we are responsibility to look out for each other. By; Desi Monette What does Catechism of the Catholic Church state about this issue? Consider how Scripture speaks to the movement or the issue addressed. How can an individual become involved in this movement? Volunteering a couple hours a week or month. Its a highly rewarding experience and id benefical to you and the community citizens. How can an individual become involved in this movement? Back then it was frowned upon and you were disowned for being a single mother, especially since sex before marriage was considered sinful.
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