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iPossibilities: Summer 2015

Katie Rice

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of BLENDSPACE

The Next Steps
Blendspace is an easy-to-use platform for creating multimedia lessons that kids can access online. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can organize videos, text, links, images, and quizzes into cubes, then organize them to create lessons, or "canvases, " for your students to complete independently. Content can be pulled from YouTube, Google, Flickr, and other online sources, as well as your own computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. [1]
Students can then move through the content in a linear fashion, responding to prompts in a sidebar comment area or taking quizzes along the way. They can also create their own lessons that can be private or shared, or remix a lesson. [1]
Is it good for learning?
Videos are often a good match for learners who are interacting with content for the first time or want to revisit a tricky concept, and there are lots of ways to pull from YouTube or create your own video content for kids here. The commenting feature also allows for some limited interaction between students as well as a way to interact with the content. [1]
A Few Drawbacks...
Blendspace's focus on direct instruction and sharing of info in a lecture-style format, and quizzes can only be multiple-choice. Also, when students are choosing media, there's no education filter turned on for videos, so depending on the search term, inappropriate videos may show up on the list of choices. [1]
How can teachers use it?
Create linear lessons to guide students through basic content.
Quiz students as they move through material using Blendspace's multiple-choice quiz builder.
Use the embed code and share links provided to add a canvas to your classroom website or to a Learning Management System like Canvas.
Ask students to remix canvases or create their own.
Use the gallery of canvases available to teachers to get ideas ideas.

Quickly Create Engaging Multimedia Lessons
Blendspace can be a great addition to the classroom, but it doesn't replace instruction.
Create a TEACHER account at
Join the Summer Presentations 2015 course:
View a sample Blendspace:
Japanese Internment Camps
See how easy it is to create a Blendspace:
Author's Craft: Suspense
Create your own
[1] Hertz, Mary Beth. "Blendspace." Educator Review. Common Sense Media, 2014. Web. 08 June 2015.
Katie M. Rice
The Early College @ Center Grove
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