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Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages: A Primer for Schools & Teachers

How to harness 21st Century tools to keep in touch with students & their parents today

Clint Stephens

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages: A Primer for Schools & Teachers

Facebook Fan Pages & Twitter: A Primer for Schools & Teachers
Today, we'll look at two of the biggest 21st Century tools to enable you to communicate with your 21st Century Students and Parents
So... What's the BIG deal?
Who cares what I had for breakfast, right?
Twitter can be much more than that. First, some background...
Twitter is a 'Micro Blog', meaning that users can post their thoughts in 140 characters or less.
Each update is referred to as a 'tweet'
These tweets are automatically posted or 'pushed' to the tweeter's followers
Anyone with an account can follow anyone else, and receive their tweets.
There are tags or attributes that enable a more rich, interactive experience...
...Re-tweets will pass on a post from a person you follow to those that follow you, so information can spread rapidly.
...@username, or 'At Replies' are like a direct line to a user. They send a direct message to a user along with your post or retweet.
...#keyword, or "hashtags" allow you, and anyone else using the tag, to search & view all tweets that include it. Twitter and search engines can search for these tags as well.
Can't fit it all in? You can include links to web pages, videos, anything online.
You build your own experience by who you follow, and what you tweet.
Can it be used in a different way? Can it have more meaning?
Follow smart people, and you will learn from them. A LOT.
Say smart things, and smart people will follow you.
Ask your smart followers questions, and you will get good answers.
It's also a quick and easy way to 'push' updates about what you are doing in class to parents...
...and easily remind students what happened in class that day, and where they can get the resources used.
Can Twitter be an effective tool?
Well, actually Facebook Fan Pages
A poll question I should ask is, "If you do have a Facebook account, how many times a day to you check in?"
On average, 1 Billion Facebook users check status updates of their friends 7 times a day.
Do you think these numbers compare to visits to your district, school, or your personal teacher Web site (if you have one)?
Yeah, me neither...
Instead of relying on them to come to you, why not try to reach your students where they spend a LOT of their time already?
Teachers can quickly and easily create a Fan Page on Facebook, & your students can become a "Fan" of that page.
When they do, all of the updates you make on that fan page will be 'pushed' to your students' News Feed page on Facebook.
Like to seen an example? Check out my
Fan Page and become a fan!
It's linked to the Facebook account that you have already, but only 'fans' of the page see the updates posted there. Your current friends will not, nor will your students see your normal updates.
Clint Stephens
Southwest Educational Development Center
(435) 590-8149

presentation available at: http://sedcclint.com at the

First off, thank you Dr. Tim Tyson for covering most of the items we'll discuss today...
Choose the 'Public Figure' option, then Teacher.

For a school, choose ‘Company, Organization, or Institution’, and then School
Instead of tweeting what you are doing, tweet & encourage your students to tweet 'What are you learning?' or 'What questions are you having?'
Answer questions and instruct your students anytime, anywhere - virtual office hours!
Students could even answer each others questions - perish the thought!
Still have questions?
Check out
Permalink: http://goo.gl/tC8K6t
One day recently, Facebook had half a billion users on their site in ONE DAY.
Want to create a Facebook-Like classroom community but can't? Take a look at
Twitter Search in Plain English:
Now that you have the basics down, here's how to get a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account going for your classroom or school, complete with suggested privacy and access settings: http://goo.gl/KR9GG
Need ideas? Want to share? Join the conversation around almost ANY educational topic hashtag:
Follow me @sedcclint or view my Tweets:
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