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Copy of tecun human

No description

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of tecun human

andrea isabel echeverria zepeda :

tecun human
Tekun Uman or Tecun Umam in the language modern kiche (1500-1524) was a great warrior and last president of the Maya-Quiche in Guatemala. According to the Annals of the Cakchiquel, was defeated by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado while fighting against the Spanish in the grasslands of El Pinal (Valley Olintepeque).

the legend of the battle
Quiche hero legend that after the troops fiercely resisted the Spanish conquistador alvarado resistance in Xelajú (currently Quetzaltenango) came face to face in battle with Pedro de Alvarado himself. Tecum Uman thrust his spear into the chest of the horse Alvarado. The rider, after losing his life cacique clavándosela steel sword in the heart. Legend has it that one Quetzal landed on his blood and not red on the breast of the bird. The "myth" grew for 400 years of colonization and was hailed as a symbol of freedom during the conspiracy for independence.

national hero
is considered a national hero for his bravery and dignity because he fought and protected his land and his people was officially Guatemala national hero the March 22, 1960 and is commemorated on February 20, the anniversary of his death.
the statue of tecun uman
The March 22, 1960, Decree 1344 whereby Tecum Uman declared a National Hero and a symbol of the defense of Guatemalan and to honor his memory was declared on 20 February each year Day Tribute Tecum Uman, and the construction of monuments to perpetuate his memory
Productions :
ninja cat nyan nyan neko

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