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Hudson's Bay Co.

No description

Rolan Naiman

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Hudson's Bay Co.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Hudson's Bay Company Hudson Bay Co.
History Corporate Social Responsibility Ethical Sourcing Environmental Sustainability Founded on May 2, 1670 in Toronto, ON
Oldest commercial corporation in North America
Evolving from a fur trading business, today HBC owns and operates retail stores including the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters in Canada and U.S.A. Associate Development and Wellness Providing a safe and healthy workplace is one of HBC's commitments to its Associates. HBS stands behind the principle that all injuries are preventable, through regular communication, active Associate involvement, continuous improvement of systems, procedures and training, and immediate reaction to incidents. Aims & Objectives HBC aims at $1.5 billion in incremental sales and revenue.
HBC's commitment to increased energy efficiency will support Canada's environmental objectives. A key objective is to ensure that all employees throughout the company are aware of the importance of energy efficiency for the HBC and for the environment. Mission Statement HBC is Canada's oldest corporation and largest department store retailer, operating in department store (the Bay), mass merchandise (Zellers) and specialty (Home Outfitters) formats. With over 500 stores and nearly 70,000 associates located in every province in the country, our management team has a vision for growth and is committed to bringing Canadians the products and services they want. Ethical Sourcing
Associate Development and Wellness
Environmental Sustainability
Community Investment HBC is committed to ethically sourcing its products for branded merchandise, and conducts business according to the principles outlined in the Company's Supplier Code of Conduct. Waste Diversion
From September through December, 48% of waste was diverted from landfills.
HBC's participation in Cascades Recovery Program, which manages discarded recyclable materials, was a great success, with significant diversion achievements for the year. Community Investment Donations made to:
Canadian Red Cross
Habitat For Humanity Canada
Toy Mountain
Autism Speaks
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
And many more! CSR Changes Over Time HBC`s Corporate Social Responsibilities have general remained consistent since 2005. Waste diversion and employee development has improved over the last 7 years. Rolan Naiman 11C Ms. Kennedy is awesome!
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