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The Middle Ages! :) the best prezi you will ever see!!!

Julia Breukelman

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P8MA

Ages R E C I P E Religion During the Middle Ages, they only had one church and that was the Cathlic Church. The Cathlic Church had it's own laws. The ruler of the Cathlic Church was the Pope and during the time of the middle ages it was Pope Urban II. Crusades The Crusades took place during the Middle Ages when Pope Urban II was in charge. The Pope persuaded everybody that the Holy Land (Jersalum) belonged to the Christians! The word Crusades means "Wars for the Cross". Environment Where is Europe? Europe is in the North-East Hemisphere. Ural Mountain Range The Ural Mountain Range is the boundry
between Europe and Asia, the mountain range that runs roughly north and south through Russia. It extends 2,498. WOW! :) Map During the Middle Ages Ural Mountain Range Volga & Danube Rivers The Volga River is the longest river in Europe- 2,300 miles long! 1,170 miles long is the Danube River. It rises in Germany's black forest and flows into the Black Sea. It is the 2nd longest river right next to the Volga River. Culture Women Women were treated with respect now but people still thought they were helpless, but beutiful. There were in fact very important women that led wars! You Girl Girls! What did they Wear? Like today, the people with the most money get the coolest and best clothes and the poor people get the rags. The Kings and Queens got the nicest clothes. The peasants wore dirty rotten clothes. Important People Joan of Arc Joan of arc was born on Jan. 6th 1412. She died may 12th 1431. She was part of the 100 year war between england and france. King John was born in 1167 and died in 1216. King John is famous for signing the magma Carta in 1215. He was forced to sign it. This granted rights the king could not go back on. King John Politics Fuedalism Fuedalism is a class system. Peasants were more like slaves but they were called Serfs. Kings gave parts of their land to people that were loyal to him like knights ect. That land was called a fief. Fuedalism haulted to a stop when the Black death happend. There were not enough Serfs to work the fields so the serfs demanded more right and better pay! Magna Carta The Magna Carta was a like a the constitution. It said that all the people got rights, but not all the same. Kings didnt like this so much because they had to follow it too. The Magna Carta means paper document. King John was forced to sign it. The Mana Carta has 63 articles. The kings couln't raise taxes without permission. Economy Like any other county, they traded of course. The main thing that Happened was the Black Death... The Black Death The Black Death started in China they think from a rat disease that spread by mosquitos. From there it got to the rest of the world from Merchants. The Black Death killed 2 out of every 3 europeans. The disease was not the only thing in the black death. There was also war happening and Famine which made the disease even more deadly. During the time there was very poor medical care. If they only took a bath once in a while...
BY- Julia Breukelman
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