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Informational text book report about wolves

Theresa Waller

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Wolves

Informational Text Book Report from the Encyclopedia

Wolves breed in the Winter and carry their young for 63 days.
The average wolf will have from 1 to 11 pups.
Pups begin to eat meat at three weeks of age
It could take a pack of wolves only a few minutes to take down a large animal
however an entire hunt could take hours
If prey is plentiful a territory can be as small as 30 square miles
If prey is limited a territory can be as big as 800 square miles!
By: Theresa Waller
Wolves and People
People Know:
The government has made poisoning to kill wolves
People don't like wolves because they kill other animals
People Don't Know:
Wolves usually prey on injured or sick members of a group, this helps the group become less vulnerable and they'll have a lower chance of catching the sickness
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