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IBM Lotus Notes

How to use lotus notes

Mostafa Shawki

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of IBM Lotus Notes

Foundation Care Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core Responsibilities of an Electronic Mail User Lotus Notes Basics By: Eng. Mostafa Shawki
Senior Software Engineer
IT Dept. - ASEC Eng. Co. Installation & Configuration Installation Edit Location Responsibilities of Users To support email management effectively, users should know and understand pertinent provisions of legislation, regulations, standards, guidelines, policies, and procedures related to email, and should use and manage their email accordingly.
The information may be in the form of documents, training materials, coaching or formal training and may be available in a variety of media, or settings at the discretion of the institution. This information should be provided to users by their institution. If the information has not been provided, the user may ask that it be provided. Responsibilities of an Electronic Mail User do not share your password
change your password regularly
check your email on a regular basis
If you will be away for a period of time set a vacation message
delete unnecessary email regularly (to clear space on the servers and prevent your email program from slowing down)
Check your internet connection before using your mail
Check your location (depends on your place (work, outside work...etc)) Responsibilities of network and/or system administrators Network administrators should provide the technical infrastructure for email management, develop and execute backup and disaster recovery procedures, provide up-to date IT and Internet security, and control and monitor access to records and information holdings.

Network administrators should monitor the use of email to measure compliance with the Email Management Guidelines and policies and, when necessary, investigate suspected misuse of email.

Network administrators should create, maintain and preserve accurate and up-to-date documentation on the email system and information holdings. This documentation should be sufficient to provide proof of the authenticity and integrity of any email record or information provided as evidence in legal proceedings.

Network administrators should ensure that business-related email is not stored in an unauthorized repository. Responsibilities of network and/or system administrators Provide the technical infrastructure for email management
Develop procedures to support system backup and disaster recovery
Fine tune IT security, on an ongoing basis, as new threats materialize
Control and monitor access to records and information holdings
Support investigations related to suspected misuse of email.
Set up, close, freeze or suspend email accounts.
Access an employee's email (under certain circumstances).
Isolate information required for legal proceedings in order to prevent its deletion
Provide proof of the authenticity and integrity of email messages
Create, maintain and preserve system documentation. IT Technical Support Specialist Responsibilities and Duties Provide technical support to all desktops and laptops in network environment and perform troubleshoot on all network and equipment issues.
Administer all customer issues, manage all requests and prepare documents for all technical solutions and monitor all antivirus infrastructures and monitor all virus security threats.
Prepare draft and update all technical documents and provide support to all IT applications and services and ensure optimal level of communications with customers and provide required updates and administer efficient working of all Windows network.
Manage all problem tickets for all enterprises and provide subject matter expertise on all IT technical issues and recommend incorporation of new technologies. Recalling a message End of core How to change lotus email password on web access: 3- You will required to enter the old password once and enter the new password twice
After entering password, click OK button and in the main preferences page click on OK button too. How to change lotus email password on web access: 2- Click on Security Tap and from the right side Change Internet Password click on Change... Button 9- Change the Internet web access password from Lotus application (in case you can not open web access https://mail.asec-holding.com Displaying icons when your name is in the To or cc field 7- Displaying icons when your name is in the To or cc field The icons are displayed in Mail views for mail sent to your Notes-style address. If you also want the icons to be displayed for mail addressed to you differently (such as to your Internet-style address or to the name of a group you are in), you must specify those names.
1. Open your mail database.
2. From the menu, choose Actions - Tools - Preferences.
3. Under Mail, click the Message Marking tab.
4. Click the Recipients tab.
5. Select to display the appropriate icon for one or more of the following situations:
A solid circle when you are the only recipient of a message. Note: No solid circle displays when you are the only recipient and your name is in the bcc field
A half-solid circle when your name is one of up to two or more names in the To field (you can specify the number of names)
An empty circle when your name is in the cc field (and you are not the only recipient ), or, if you selected the half-solid circle above, when your name is one of more than the number of names you specified for the To field
6. (Optional) Specify any alternate or group names under which mail might be sent to you for which you want these preferences to apply. 6- Displaying icons when your name is in the To or cc field Setting colors in the Inbox to identify specified senders To set custom mail colors
1. Open your mail database.
2. From the menu, choose Actions - Tools - Preferences.
3. Under Mail, click the Message Marking tab.
4. On the Senders tab, click the first box under "Sender names."
5. Enter the name(s) of people whose messages you want to appear in the first color combination. Separate names by pressing ENTER (do not use a comma to separate names). To select names from an address book, click the arrow at the bottom right of the box. You can enter only individual names, not group names.
Tip You can enter a first or last name such as Fred or Smith to use a color combination for all people with that name. For example, you can identify people with your family's last name.
6. Specify a background color and a text color.
7. (Optional) Repeat steps 4 through 6 to specify two additional color combinations and the names of people whose messages should appear in those colors.
8. Click OK.
To remove custom mail colors
1. Open your mail database.
2. From the menu, choose Actions - Tools - Preferences.
3. Under Mail, click the Message Marking tab.
4. On the Senders tab, click the "Restore Default Colors" button.
5. Click OK. 5- Setting colors in the Inbox to identify specified senders Flagging messages for follow-up About this task
The ability to recall a message is useful if you sent a message in error, or if you want to edit the content of a sent message and resend it.
1. In your mail, open the Sent view.
2. Select the message.
3. Above the message list, click Recall Message.
4. If the message was sent to more than one recipient, select the recipients to recall the message from.
5. Optional: To recall the message from a recipient even if the recipient has already opened or previewed it, select Recall the message even if it has been read.
6. Optional: To suppress recall status reports, clear Send me a recall status report for each recipient. Recall status reports confirm whether a message is recalled successfully or not.
7. Click OK.
Note: For a message recall to work, both you and the message recipient must be using the Release 8 mail application template (Mail8.ntf), and the message recipient must have the basic mail preference Allow others to recall mail sent to me selected. 3- Recalling a message To add a signature to all messages
About this task
You can add a rich text signature to all the messages you send.
For information on digital signatures, see Encrypting and digitally signing e-mail messages in related links.
- Click File > Preferences, and then click Mail.
- Click the Signature tab.

- Select Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages.
- Enter text in the Signature field. Click the T control to add rich text features such as graphics and attachments.
- Optional: Click Append My vCard, and then change any of the information in the fields if needed.
- Optional: Click Append vCard to Signature.
- Optional: To move the vCard file to a location other than following your signature, cut and paste it to the new location.
Click OK. 2- Adding signatures to mail Using the Open list 1- Using the Open list How to change lotus notes application password 1- From menu Open File > Security > User Security
- Enter your current password in the dialog box.
3- Click on change password. 8- How to change lotus notes application password Password policy:
1- Minimum password length is 6 characters
2- Password must be changed after maximum 90 days +10 days.
3- Can't use last 3 passwords. must change at least one character from his last three passwords.
4- If you did not change password after that 100 days the mail will be LOCKED and you will need to contact IT administrator to unlock.
  How to change password and update all contact information in Lotus Notes Color combinations you set appear in the Inbox, the All Documents view, and any folders you later create based on the Inbox design. Colors other than red appear on unread messages, so the messages no longer appear in red, but still have red stars. Setting colors in the Inbox to identify specified senders 2. Indicate the importance of the follow-up action by selecting one of the following priority levels.

3. (Optional) Specify the action you need to take.
Note Although the information that you specify here and throughout this procedure appears in your copy of the mail message, if you send the message, the information does not display in the sent message.
4. (Optional) Enter a date and time for the action.
5. (Optional) To set an alarm, do the following:
Make sure you entered a date and time for the action in Step 4, and select "Set an alarm on this message."
Specify how much in advance or after the action the alarm should go off. For example, 15 Minutes Before.
Under "When alarm goes off," do one or more of the following if you wish notification to include more than the alarm message box:
Select "Play sound" and then select a sound from the list. Click the Sound icon to "preview" the sound.
Select "Send mail notification with subject," and enter your name. If you want to include recipients other than yourself, click the Directory icon to select the names of the recipients.
Tip You can also use the Follow Up MiniView as an alternative to alarms to keep aware of follow-up actions you need to take.
6. Click OK.
Note You can make changes to all of these selections anytime by repeating this procedure. Flagging messages for follow-up Adding signatures to mail How to change lotus email password on web access: 1- Open Tools from action bar and chose preferences. To flag messages for follow-up
1. From a mail view, select one or more messages you want to follow up on, and click Follow Up, then do one of the following:
Choose Quick Flag. No additional steps are required.
Choose Add or Edit Flag, and proceed to Step 2.
Tip You can right-click to access the Follow Up menu or simply drag a message to the Follow Up view. You can also flag an open mail message as you read it. 4- Flagging messages for follow-up Archive `` Workspace `` Save about 60 % of technical support team.
Save about 25 - 40 % of network & system administrators.
Saving time will help the IT Team to enhance the level of service.
Save about 10 - 20 % of employees time.
So ... these will help our company to increase its productivity. Lotus Traveler
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