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A Midsummer Nights Dream-Act 2 Questions

No description

Lily M

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of A Midsummer Nights Dream-Act 2 Questions

What sort of tricks does Puck play on humans? By what other name is Puck known as? Question 1: Answer: The other name Puck is known as, is Robin Goodfellow. Puck likes to scare village girls, make old ladies spill their drinks and cause old ladies to fall down by pretending he is a stool. Question 2: Answer: Question 3: Answer: Question 4: Answer: Quesiton 5: Answer: Question 6: Answer: Question 7: Answer: Why is Oberon angry with Titania?
Why does he want the boy? According to Oberon, how did the pansy become magical? Why does he tell Puck to fetch the flower? Why does Oberon pronounce a spell over Titania? Why does Lysander move away from Hermia before they sleep? On whose eyelids does Puck press the magical nectar? Why? A hyperbole is an exaggeration. Find at least 3 examples of hyperboles in Helena's monologue Midsummer Night's Dream- Act 2 Questions and Answers Oberon pronounces a spell over Titania because he wants the boy as his henchmen. Oberon is angry with Titania because she has a changeling boy (a mortal child stolen by the fairies), and he wants to use the boy as a knight, but Titania refuses to give the boy to him. Lysander moves away from Hermia before they sleep because Hermia is not married to him yet and she wants to keep up her sense of modesty Puck puts the magic nectar on Lysander's eyes because he thought he was Demetrius, who he wanted to fall in love with Helena. "No, no, I am as ugly as a bear."
"For beasts that meet me run away for fear." According to Oberon the pansy became magical when Cupid shot an arrow and it pierced the flower. The flower became quenched with love, and will make those with the liquid of the flower squeezed on their eyelids fall in love with what they first see. Oberon wants Puck to fetch the flower because he wants to use it on Titania to get the boy. "Do, as a monster, fly my presence thus."
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