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The Giver

No description

Matia Martz

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Giver

Alliteration is the repetition of initial consonant sounds.

Repetition of vowel sounds.

Repetition for Effect
Use more than once any kind of literary language.
The Giver
An example from the Giver is "Bye bye little guy." This is found on page 137.
An example from the book is "Jonas, Jonas,Jonas!'
This is found on page 64.
Words or phrases that appeal to one or more of your senses
An example from the Giver is tiny, cold, feather like feelings peppered his body and face. This is found on page 80.
An example of allusion from the book is all of the memories Jonas gets. You'll find the first on page 80!
Something that isn't actually there.
An example from the Giver is when Lily said she was angry, when she was feeling annoyance. Found on page 5.
An Example from the book would be when they repeat Caleb again and again.
Making an inanimate or animate object act with human qualities.
The use of words that imitate sounds.
An example from the Giver is when Asher yells "You're hit Jonas! Pow, you're hit again!"
An example of personification is found on page 100 when Jonas receives the memory of an elephant stroking it's dead friend and crying out in sadness.
By Lois R. Young
A figure of speech in which something is compared to another.
An example from the giver is the hair ribbons. They are used to show how everything is kept in order. But Lilly's are always falling out which shows how uncontrollable the human spirit is.
When two or more words that have opposite meanings are used together.
An example in the Giver is on pg. 81 where Jonas is comparing snow to fur.
Comparing something using like or as.
An example from the book is,"..not willing to lie, but not ready to tell the truth."
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