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College Newspaper Planning

A step-by-step guide

Rachel Guthrie

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of College Newspaper Planning

Layout Meetings Newspaper Planning Sections Typefaces Essential
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Set a budget
Set deadlines
Recruit students SET AD RATES
full page=$100
half page=$60 quarter=$40
frequency discounts EARLY SEMESTER
Heavy Recruiting
- in class
- at event tables
- post sign up sheets
-utilize campus
Sections & Titles
Story Ideas
Writer's Deadlines You may know what you need, but ask the students to brainstorm for story ideas, guide them toward campus events & local news. Set up a professional looking rate sheet and a solid billing system.

Set ad deadlines
(a week before the paper goes to print). No need to reinvent
the wheel! Look at other papers for rate sheets, layout ideas
and section titles. Meet the a week before the deadline to assess what has come in, and what will come in later, get as much on the pages as possible FIRST MEETING
Pick an open room, bring healthy food and drinks, create a fun atmosphere. Have sample papers. Look at other papers for inspiration to design standing heads, folios, font, point size, bylines, pull quotes, and columns. Encourage ideas from all, then settle on favorites. Draw a map of the deadline cycle including PSAs, paid ads and articles. Assign some students to build ads,
and others for design editorial content. Choose production responsibilities based on ability to be creative under pressure. Give students creative freedom so they feel ownership of the publication. Standing heads and Headlines always the same font and point size for consistency The GRID Always the same size, vary the image and text block size, keep the gutters consistent! Standing Heads A "Standing Head" (same font, same size) for all the pages inside each section is one great way to create consistency among pages. Write
Creative Section Titles The Other World Editorials & Opinions The Writing
Process Establish
a pool
of writers
for each
section Thinking of the Future ONGOING
Solicit writers, illustrators and photographers from the English and art classes; set up a table in the campus center. Create table tents for the dining hall. Meet a day before the deadline to complete the paper, rotate duties so that students gain varied experience. Allow students to design a new masthead, it gives them a feeling of ownership and pride Layout Considerations Choose a Managing
Editor Meet with editorial staff
to develop section columns Stress
deadlines, but
be flexible in understanding student
schedules Photography Work with photographers to capture a moment, crop images with emphasis in mind Establish Section Editors Encourage students to develop their story ideas Front Page Campus News Arts & Features Sports Getting Started SUMMER PLANNING
•Set a Budget
•Get Printer Quotes & Printer's Deadlines
•Look at other College papers
•Assign Positions/tasks
•Think about Ads A Roman font is best for text, and the point size is usually 9 or 10 point Student Video Project Interactive PDF
Web Site
Student Writers from MCCS Campuses
Grow YouTube Channel
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