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The Continental Drift Theory

A presentation for our Physical Science class

Christine Fernandez

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Continental Drift Theory

The Continental Drift Theory Germany Alfred Wegener -meteorologist & geophysicist -born in Berlin,Germany in 1880 -died in 1930 - formulated the CDT Wegener's Hypothesis - About 300 million years ago, all the lands were joined together forming a supercontinent. - They slowly drifted apart.
-"Continental Drift" Permian 225 million years ago Triassic 200 million years ago Jurassic 135 million years ago Present day 2013 -formulated the CDT Cretaceous 65 million years ago Evidences Objectives To understand the Continental Drift Theory To identify the various evidences supporting the theory To discuss why the theory was initially rejected Land Features Climate Change Fossils Arthur Holmes -a British Geologist -proposed that Earth's mantle contained convection cells that dissipated radioactive heat and moved the crust at the surface Importance Applications The End
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