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No description

Mery Bendahan

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of AppFor

The problem
- Allow users to say what they're AppFor

- AppFor searches your Facebook friends

- Finds friends who are also AppFor it

- Matches the two of you
Initial idea
What we've done so far
What are you AppFor?
- Log into Facebook

- Connects to the server

- Sends info about the user

- Server returns info about the user's friends

- Currently an Android App with a Python backend
How it works
- Bored and with nothing to do at home?

- Too many people to contact to make plans?

- How many times have you been
doing something with your friends?
I'm up for a coffee!
Meet your friend Julian! He also feels like having a beer!
In short...

Do you ever want to ____ but you don't know who else wants to?

This is the AppFor you!

where then what and when
- Log into Facebook and activates your profile

- Locates your location and displays you on the map

- See who's AppFor something nearby
App for everyone!
Who is not always
App for a beer?
App for initiatives
App for networking!
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