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UBER MAP = TORONTO GM - Creative Exercise

No description

Robert Bent

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of UBER MAP = TORONTO GM - Creative Exercise

Uber and Hertz team up to provide access to quality rental inventory for UberX, UberBlack and UberSUV drivers

Marketing Ideas
Twitter Responses
Customer Support Responses
Using gamification to UBER a... Virgin Galactic flight on demand!!
On-Demand Stunt
Local Event Partnership
How would I identify the best event partnership opportunities = Use available Uber DATA

Toronto GM - Creative Exercise

"We understand completely. The experience of our customers always comes first. That's why we are confident that we can offer something for all attendees! While we are only offering Uber credit to new users, we are also showcasing Perks, our new corporate management tool. Perks will be especially appealing to the entrepreneurial demographic at the awards. In addition to discounts for new users, we are also running a promotion where new Uber users that sign-up through Perks receive the same promotional pricing. So, even if a CEO already has Uber, they can still earn credit for their employees new to Uber and save money for their business at the same time!"
Question 2: Hypothetical Situation Response
Demand Stunt: Alternative Idea
Contest promoting UBER PERKS signups in order to win Uber sponsored table at the awards
Promo Code for new users roundtrip to Event
Physical presence to explain PERKS and convert in real time
Partnership Opportunity
Over 1,500 attendees at the Convention Center in 2013
Senior staff present from 47 nominated companies representing 59,000 employees across Canada
Strong contingent of lawyers, bankers and accountants that require transport in the downtown core
E&Y Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
Previous Marketing Performance: Rider adds, ROI and social media analytics from previous event types
Customer Base Analysis: Segment customer base profiles to target most profitable users
Sell senior management of innovative companies on benefits of UBER PERKS
Drive Adoption from the TOP-DOWN!!!
E&Y throws the same event in more than 40+ countries so event model is SCALABLE
FITC Toronto: Technology and Creativity Conference
Vision to Reality: Price Waterhouse Coopers
Digital Media Summit: Social Media and Interactive Conference
The Art of Marketing Conference: MTCC (speakers include Malcolm Gladwell)
SocialLight Conference
Similar Opportunities in the Same Segment
Now, a flight on Virgin Galactic costs $250K. We need to use this carrot to drive extreme sign-ups, shares and PR. Lets look at the following......
Demand Stunt - Feasibility
Stunt KPI's
How many recurring users do we need to add to cover $250K price tag
How do we structure promotion to drive MAXIMUM Engagement
What is the total pool of users participating
Uber referenced average user spend of $100 per month in a blog post (Uber would receive $240 per year from this customer = lets assume $225 after fraud and transaction fees)
Uber would only need to add 1,115 active customers globally to break even on the event within a year.
Assume that of referrals and new sign ups driven by campaign, only 10% will become active/recurring customers ($100 per month average)
Campaign would need to attract 11,000 new users in total
Recurring Users
Here's how the promotion works...
UBERspace On-Demand will encourage crazy gamification over the time frame as users compete to be the top 1% "Uberest" in their markets
Market Size and Feasibility
Promotion can be run across all Uber markets as space travel is a global phenomenon
Uber states that some cities were grossing $100mm in revenue in 2011, indicating around 80K customers. Extrapolating to 84 markets, obtaining 1,100 new recurring customers seems feasible
RESULT: Based on the feasible number of new riders required to break-even, the potential for cross-marketing with Branson and the massive PR opportunity, this On-Demand stunt definitely requires more analysis

Promotion Structure
Cross Promotion Opportunity with Richard Branson
Branson markets Galactic heavily, recently offering flights for Bitcoins
A partnership with UBER in an on-demand stunt provides a strong channel to promote Virgin Galactic
Has 4.0 mm LinkedIN and Twitter followers which could be targeted via specific Uber promo code
Cross promotion could lead to reduction in cost of the initial $250K
From a fulfillment standpoint, this is also a unique opportunity, because the stunt can be offered to a global market, while only sourcing a single flight from Virgin Galactic
Demand Stunt Part 2: Logistics
Fulfillment Action Item Overview:
Approach Richard Branson with proposal
Agree on cost + cross-promotion requirements from each Company
Structure Promotion specifics based on cost of flight, complete more research on prior events and sharing and analyze what the true break-even number is.
Structure promotion timelines accordingly (maybe it is a longer process to identify top 1%)
Build functionality for tracking and identifying top 1% of shares and rides per user into app if its not already possible
Launch timed marketing campaign to both Uber base (across all blogs and social media) and Richard Branson target base with promo code This will get a lot of PR organically and will go viral. Traditional marketing budget for this project should be zero

On New Years Day, its impossible to order a cleaning service. Many people spend this day at home as it's a holiday and New Years is the most active night of the year. The last thing people want to do is 1) Clean, 2) sit in a messy house ...

Enter On-Demand opportunity for UBER. I chose to roll out in Toronto, but the model is scalable.
Goal: Stress Uber's commitment to safety to a younger demographic. Promote lower price point offerings.

Idea: Partner with Colleges and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to provide awareness of Uber’s lower cost offerings like UberX and Uber Taxi during Frosh week. Both drives social value for the brand and increases awareness for new market.

Freestyle Idea

Uber teams up with Blog TO’s best new restaurants to offer discounted lunches. Every Tuesday, one of Blog TO’s best new restaurants will offer 25% off with an Uber fare.


Uber and Toronto`s cash cab partner to provide Cashcab on demand. Riders can win money while they drive and be on TV.


Uber and the City of New York are partnering to provide on-demand horse and carriage services for Valentines Day. Uber will provide access to carriage providers via their app and drive users to Central Park


Partner with Drake for OVO Fest. First user to select Drake icon will roll with Drake and crew in their tour bus on the way to OVO Fest complete with backstage passes.

Uber partners with Clublinks to promote flat rate service to specific golf courses near Toronto. Uber provides onsite presence for major tournaments.

Uber partners with Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors to provide transportation to playoff games. Uber runs contest for tickets to games and provides promo codes for new users on the big screen during the game.
Thank You!
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