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Graham Balls (Truffles) Recipe

No description

Patty Celada

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Graham Balls (Truffles) Recipe

Graham Balls (Truffles) Recipe
Step 3: Shape it up!
Scoop to make equal quantity of dough. Put the dough in your palm, and flat it, put the marshmallow in the middle, and mold it in your palm, roll, until become a ball!!
Put it in a box!
For only!! (P9.00/piece)

Step 1: What you'll need?
750g of Crushed Grahams (4packs)
400g Nestle Cream
500g Condensed milk
30g Marshmallows
wire whisk/rubber scraper
toppings (nips, kisses, etc..) we prefer to use graham crumbs
Step 4: Make it awesome!!
Put any of the toppings you want, m&ms, marsmallows, sprinkles, cherries, etc,. =)
Step 2: Mix it up!!
In a bowl, pour all condensed milk with the Nestle Cream to make it creamier and milky! Put in the powdered crackers and start mixing..
With the capital of 600, you will be able to make 10 boxes!
If you can make 10 boxes
* 80php = 800php

You'll earn 200php! =)
Well, I’ve a Graham recipe that’ll not only give you your money’s worth, but also satisfy your sudden sweet cravings! :)
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