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Under The Royal Palms- Jonathan and Emmit

Vocabulary Words

Lisa Cook

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Under The Royal Palms- Jonathan and Emmit

Accessible - easy to get
The back of the car was accessible to kids. accountant- someone trained to keep finacial records
Matt 's dad was an accountant for a toy store. trinket-a item that has little value
The necklace was a trinket from japan . Makeshift-a substitue for something
To keep the baby in the store she made a makeshift playpen.
certified-Offical reconigation of a certain skill
John was a certified doctor for the army .. figurine- a small mold or sculpture figure
Emmit made figurines for a living. humble- not rich or important.
Most actors try to be humble. Meticulos-Extremly careful and exact.
Some people do meticulos art work.
ledger- a book in wich records are kept.
A accountant uses a ledgers for their job. relegated-to put in a less important place.
they relegated trinkets to the back shelf. Under The Royal Palms
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