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pollution and global warming

No description

hamdi mohamoud

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of pollution and global warming

what is global warming
What is global warming?
Earth Day Michael Jackson
Deforestation makes the issue of the makes the issue of the greenhouse effect more frightful in two ways.
The more trees, the less carbon dioxide in the environment and the more oxygen.
As land and sea experience fast changes, the animals that occupy them are destined to vanish if they don't adapt quickly enough.

President Obama's plan

global warming
by Hamdi, Manira, & Karolan
Turning down the temperature on your refrigerator, your washing machine and your water heater;
Insulating your home to ensure that heat or air conditioning is not escaping through windows and cracks;
Walking, biking or using public transportation whenever possible;

Individual action
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