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Best Practices for Student Centered Learning

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Best Practices for Student Centered Learning

Best Practices for Student-centered Learning
2013 - 2014

The Past....
The Present....
The Future....

The Future...
Where we are today....
Reflecting on the past

1980s & 1990s Classrooms
1950s Classroom
a look back at the
20th Century
SSHS 2009 Cohort Graduation Rate: 91.4%

71% Students With Disabilities

71% Economically Disadvantaged
Course Failures
Course failures 2012-13

Course Failure 2009-2010
Advanced Regents Diplomas 49%

2010: 34%
Continued excellence on state
and nationally normed assessments
Ever Changing
Innovative Programs and Courses
(PLTW, 21CA, Robotics, SPRING, CEIP, etc.)
Dynamic staff with incredible capacity
to teach and motivate students
Graduation Rate
Professional Development 2013-14
How will we get there?
October 7, 2013
Two-hour Delay: Professional Development
Common Core State
Curriculum Mapping
December 10, 2013
Two-hour Professional Development
January 16th, 2013
Two-hour Delay: Professional Development
February 12th, 2013
Two-hour Delay: Professional Development
Best Practices for Student-centered Learning (SCL)
Teacher - Student Tablet Roll-out
Proposal would be to provide every student and staff with a
tablet computer at the HS
2013 - 2014: 21st Century Academy Students
2013 - 2014: SSHS Teacher Tablet Roll-out
2014 - 2015: 9th Grade Students Class of 2018
2015 - 2016: 9th Grade Students Class of 2019
2016 - 2017: 9th Grade Students Class of 2020
2017 - 2018: 9th Grade Students Class of 2021
Blending best practices of the past with innovative Student-centered Learning (SCL)
Student-centered instruction [SCI] is an instructional approach in which students influence the content, activities, materials, and pace of learning. This learning model places the student (learner) in the center of the learning process. The instructor provides students with opportunities to learn independently and from one another and coaches them in the skills they need to do so effectively.
Student-centered Learning Examples:
Roundtable Discussion
Minute Papers
Peer Instruction
Quick Thinks
Open-ended Problem Solving

CCSS shifts from a traditional “content coverage” model of instruction to one that focuses on enduring, conceptual understandings and the content that supports this. This approach will enable students to spend less time on factual recall and more time on inquiry-based learning of essential concepts.
The future??
March 14th, 2013
Superintendent's Day
Best Practices for Student-centered Learning
Sharing Experience
Understanding by Design
Cornerstone Assessments
Student-centered Learning Example
Common Core Standards Shifts
Student-centered Learning (SCL)
Reasons why SCL works for many students......
Increased Motivation to Learn
Greater Retention of Knowledge
Deeper Understanding
Increased Positive Attitude
Active Users of Technology
Better Preparation for College and Career Readiness
More Engaged, Responsible Learners

Computer-based delivery of education is one of the fastest growing trends in educational uses of technology.
Where we are headed........
Two-hour Delay PD Workshops
PD Course Offerings
Repackage Units and Lessons
Student-Teacher Tablet Roll-out

Please go to your
assigned group

Thanks for Everything !
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