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Afternoon Classes

No description

Summer Academy

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Afternoon Classes

Future Artists!
Summer Academy 2013

Manga Drawing
Scenic Painting
Interior Design
Automotive Design
Eliana Yanoff
“Shining Star”
I have a really hard time with proportions of the body,
but I think I got it right in this picture.

Kathryn Pilhofer
“Manga Face”
I used marker and color pencil.
Jacob Rosenberg
Helen Prueitt
“Under the Leaves”
Marker and pen with Gouache.
Nick Piccolo
“The Blue Shirt”
I was trying something new.
Hayden Fisher
“Chibi Fisher Versus the World”
I used watercolors and pencil. I made him as a miniature version of me.
He is an adventuresome sort. I created him from a Chibi drawing, then I drew over him to make a better version of him.
Then I colored him and his background. I am expressing that some Chibi characters can be based on the artist that drew them.
Julie Robert
“Rachel the Chibi”
I am expressing myself in this picture: Rachel has brown hair like me; she likes singing like myself; she’s short just like me.
Peter Tkaczyk
It is ink and marker.
Robert Tame-Takaw
“Rose the Demon”
This is a character used in a story about the outlaw of magic in Medieval times.
Jared Wargacki
I like how Chibi art looks.
Sean Fitzgerald
“A Carving Knife”
Pencil and Gouache.
Griffin Wood
“Red Haired Chibi”
Pencil, watercolor, and marker.
Michael Potter
“American Cowboy”
This is a work in progress – The Spirit of America must be remembered...
Claire Young
I made this with color pencil and sharpie marker.
Rapunzel is one of my favorite fairytale princesses.
Kate Carbone
It was done with color pencil and marker.
“A Snowy Day in the Mountains”
I created this painting through the use of many layers of paint. I utilized various brush techniques and different colors mixed together. The placement of the trees and dark color of the mountain compared to the mainly light colors creates an illusion of depth.
“Cherry Blossom Forest”
“Pink Flowers”
It’s Pink!
“Lilac Field”
I created it by looking at a picture of Marble.
“Green Sunset”
When I was creating this piece of art, I spent a lot of time blending colors in the sky and lake.
I added the silhouette of the tree on top of the blended colors.
“Sunset Silhouette”
I made many Layers and for my sky,
I blended the colors together.
“A Cloud in the Sky”
“A Fall Tree”
“Starry Night”
“Imaginary Tundra”
I found the process exhausting. Everything about the piece was annoying, but seeing it up there on the fence was so rewarding that it was worth it all.
“Sunset Street”
It was a good experience for me and I learned a lot.
“Scenic Painting”
“Emphasis of Time”
We started gridding the picture to scale it correctly on the big paper, and then we put down base coats of paint. Finally, we added details. I’m expressing the emphasis of a tree even with the storm rolling into the valley to represent how important everything in nature is to our lives when times get hard.
“Beautiful Skies”
“Winter Wonderland”
Katie Williams
“Client Presentation Board”
My client wanted a sci-fi inspired room, so I created that. I used cut outs from the magazine and the Internet, as well as paint chips to express the sci-fi feel of the room.
Gianna Mamone
“Client Presentation Board”
My client wanted a relaxing, serene living room. I immediately thought nautical!
Abeer Jafri
“Client Presentation Board”
I made a summery and bright collage.
Olivia Ramseur
“Live by the Beach”
I asked my client what kind of room she wanted and I designed a room off of that.
Gianna Liberatore
I designed a bedroom for a client that is colorful and cozy!
Maria Beaton
“Vintage-inspired Living Room”
After meeting with my client, I chose fabric, paint, accessories, and furniture to put on my board. All of the different pieces show how the room would look in real life. I really like how appealing my board looks and how everything comes together.

Mary Liebers
“Client Presentation Board”
First I thought about what style my room should be. I chose to make my room a traditional Cape Cod style. Then I cut out pictures from magazines, fabric samples, carpet samples, and paint chips that would go with my theme and I glued them onto the poster board.
Sophia Bronchetti
“Dining Room for a Party”
This is a dining room fit for a party!
Julia Azarian-Kozer
“Client Presentation Board”
I am expressing the outdoors and the rainforest through my artwork and how pretty the rainforest is.
Elana Pijanowski
“Client Presentation Board”
I made one for my client.

Rachael Prosper
“Client Presentation Board”
My client wanted a beach-themed room. She wanted a room with lots of art and that’s what I did.
Laura Clayton
“Client Presentation Board”
My style is very clean when it comes to this. This room is for a
six-year-old girl and one that she can grow into.
Rebecca Bradbury
“Client Presentation Board”
For this piece of art we got to choose any room we wanted to make for our clients. I chose to do a garden-themed dining room. I think my color scheme showed that.
Mackenzie Julien
“The Bubble Bed”
A funky spunky bed with a modern flair.
Sarah Cohen
“Client Presentation Board”
It is a British-inspired sitting room.

Clara Zonis
“Client Presentation Board”
I created it with magazine clippings and wallpaper,
as well as fabric and paint chips.
Olive S.
“Mackenzie’s Bedroom”
The client requested modern and bright with the colors pink, coral, and blue.
Benjamin Braun
“The Roar Unicyclemobile”
Kevin Silvers
It was fun designing the car.
Jack Einstein
“Green Camping Car Thing w/ Canoe”
I sketched then drew the final piece.
Chris Rambo
My art process was pretty easy. I just drew from my imagination. I created it by the history of my last name.
Kartik Nath
“Logo. Grille. Side”
I started my own car company called the Go-Kart company. I designed my own logo, three car designs, and the interior and exterior of the cars.
Tanner Williams
Having fun.
Stanley Liu
“Wafflex Series”
I am expressing revolutionary car design and aerodynamics.
Josh Van Patten
Evan Griffin
I designed views of the car and specific parts of it.
I liked drawing different parts of the car.
Colbi Kromrey
I made the dashboard on the computer and I drew the car. I made the logo by drawing it.
Joe Piccolo
“Car Show”
It was really fun – I liked the teacher.
Alex Bordeaux
“The Mountain Pistol”
The Mountain Pistol is a car that’s related to the Chevrolet El Camino and Ford Ranchero. I took inspiration from them and created the Mountain Pistol. I made the Pistol because its design is no longer seen in the USA.

Isabel Rodriguez
“The Vegetable Series: Car #1 – the Pea”
My first idea was to have a circular car: a round sphere. But eventually my imagination ran wild and I started thinking of vegetable cars. I still wanted to keep the sphere so I created the first car in the series: The Pea.

Bronson Gallagher
Cayman-S (sport) / Cayman-R (Racing) / Cayman-L (Luxury)
Mary McGuiness
My car is purple.
Richard Sitterly
I used my imagination.
Ryan Friedman
“BOA Showcase Previews”
This process took time and care with an emphasis
on design and ergonomics.
Students have picture with artwork!

Genevieve Anderson
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