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Argumentative Essay

No description

milton serrano

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative Essay

is your point of view is your choice, you decide how do you want to go with it Harvesting instead of killing Killing animals for food Meat is a delicious way to complement your plate, like a tender and spicy steak. they are easy to digest They are a lot of vegetables that contain the needed proteins portion for a balanced diet, such as chick peas. you have many options for a delicious meal of veggies like a hot and grill earn of corn with melted butter, or a fresh lettuce salad with some juicy tomatoes slides. There are a lot of vegetables that our body can digest like tomatoes. Argumentative Essay By:
Miguel A. González Montijo
Alba González Valentín
Milton S. González Serrano An argument is a connected series of statements or propositions, some of which are intended to provide support, justification or evidence for the truth of another statement or proposition. What is an Argument? The purpose of an argumentative essay is to organize and present your well-reasoned conclusions in order to persuade the audience to accept—or at least seriously consider—your point of view Argumentative Essay 1. Brainstroming 2. Identify the Topic 3. Take a Perspective 4. Draw an
Outline Lets get started... Start writing down your ideas and break it apart into mayor points so you can take a look over the subject. Once you have all the points select a more specific topic that shows where your thoughts are headed to. Define what you genuinely care to discuss, not issues routinely defined in the media as controversial Decide which side you are according to the topic. which arguments are most convincing. Make sure you choose the side that you can fully support. Plan and write an outline for your essay noting down the information you will include in each paragraph. Introduction Thesis Statement Body Conclusion Grow your ideas into and Argumentative Essay! Thesis statement must state what YOUR claim is and can include the parts (sub points) of the argument you are going to state.
Example: If you're looking for the best campsite, there are three important factors to consider: the availability of recreational activities, the attractiveness of the location, and the closeness of basic amenities. Thesis Statement Introduction Your introduction should:
Introduce the topic with a general statement.
State why it is important.
Contain the thesis statements and it’s sub points.
Example: Camping is a popular activity in the present time. For much families camping is a perfect way to relax and share with the kids. Although this activity is a good way to have a nice weekend, it is important to find a good spot to stay in the nature. If you're looking for the best campsite, there are three important factors to consider: the availability of recreational activities, the attractiveness of the location, and the closeness of basic amenities. The body should include:
Arguments for: The sub points of your thesis statement, which will be in two or more paragraphs (depending on the number of sub points.
Give clear arguments for your claim with support (examples, statistics, explanations, etc.)
Use transition words as you move from paragraph to paragraph (Firstly, secondly, furthermore, in addition, moreover, finally) Body Your Conclusion should:
Have a point to your argument—make your own statements about your topic.
Identify your audience.
Explain what “They” say about your topic.
Respond to what “They” say with your argument.
Address potential objections with respect.
Show why your audience should care.
End the essay having successfully “paraphrased” the thesis statement. Conclusion peace out! Animals are have the proteins we need for a balanced diet The were meant to feed the world Animals have the same right to live as we have. It’s important to keep in mind, when preparing an argumentative essay, certain points about your audience like:
How much does the audience know about the topic?
Is the audience likely to be friendly or hostile to your position?
How can you “hook” the audience’s attention? The Audience Muy importantei! You have to think ahead and research what people opposed to your point of view believe. That way you can address those arguments in a paragraph explaining why your position is a better one. Counter Arguments- Rebuttal ohhhhh yeahhh!!! Are there any Questions? Keep in Mind... Thanks for your Attention Batman Lets test your argument Skills tinuninuninuninuninunini..... Ironman Who will emerge victorious?
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