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Should nuclear weapons be used for warfare? Is the use of nuclear weapons necessary today?

Jon Gibbs

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of NUKES BABY!!

Source 1
-The issue of nuclear weapons is so great that there is really nothing that can be done to stop their production and use anymore.
-Depleted uranium bombs cause major health issues: for example, many civilians and soldiers suffer from lukemia today as a result of nuclear exposure.

Should nuclear weapons be used for warfare?
Presentation by: Jon Gibbs
Source 2
-The essence of nuclear weapons is merely used as a scare tactic. Only when major powers, like the United States, get rid of their nuclear industry will other countries feel the safety to do so as well.
-Nuclear weapons did nothing to deter terrorist activity in 2001.
-Nuclear weapons are responsible for soil deterioration, climate change, and other non-traditional security factors, factors not requiring attention before the use of nukes.
-Stockpiling nukes only drives other countries to build up and stockpile their own nuclear weapons.
Source 3
-The list of possible nuclear weapon targets of U.S. adversaries is so small that it would require no more than 500 of the United States' 4,650 warheads to make peace.
-The great number of warheads is excessive.
-U.S. military efforts in Syria are reflective of this excess, since U.S. military efforts require ground and air units, not nukes.
-Nuclear warheads are not necessary, and, if anything,the number of warheads should be cut down.
Source 4
Source 5
Source 6
Bumper Stickers
Topic Sentences
1. Nuclear weapons should not be used in warfare because their presence forces other nations to maintain their own nuclear weapons supply, are extremely costly, and have serious health effects upon civilians and soldiers.
2. Nuclear weapons should be used and are necessary for the protection and security of the United States and all the liberties and peoples which comprise it, and nuclear power may represent the
future of clean energy and power.
-As the U.S. maintains its arsenal of nuclear weapons, other countries build up their nuclear supplies as well to protect their own lives.
-Eventually, this buildup could escalate into a nuclear war or manifest nuclear threats, which will require that the U.S. have a supply of nuclear weapons to be used for the defense of its own liberties and peoples.
-Nuclear power currently is our cleanest and most readily available fuel option.
-But, the threats and danger associated with nuclear power and weapons is a deterring factor, in addition to the cost of a nuclear power plant ($10 billion).
-The fate of the natural world may rest within the cleanliness of nuclear power, yet the destruction of the world may also lay in the hands of nuclear power, if used carelessly.
YES and NO
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Weapons?" Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 17 Sept. 2013. Web. 03 Apr. 2014. <http://thebulletin.org/would-united-states-ever-actually-use-nuclear-weapons>.
Personal Response
Is the use of nuclear weapons necessary today?
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