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HUBS + Your Integrated Marketing Campaign | TrendsTalk2013 #IMCSLC

A dynamic inforgraphic showing the importance of hubs and how a business can successful integrated with a marketing campaign #TrendsTalk #IMCSLC

James Potts

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of HUBS + Your Integrated Marketing Campaign | TrendsTalk2013 #IMCSLC

Think of it like an internet train station - with tracks going inbound and outbound to various destinations or sites.
Your site can function as the hub for
your own social media empire.
Directing traffic across all the platforms you create content for.
You can provide further information for your services or products.
St. Lawrence College employs this strategy to drive prospective students to learn about the college and take action.
All roads lead to conversion. Social media efforts, online content, everything you do should lead to conversion.
Blogs allow for a more interactive re: "human" experience. Blogs also allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in the field you're an expert in. As such you can see a return in search engine results.
By flooding a target with excessive traffic, using compromised systems. One can overload a website's capacity and essentially render it useless. Doing so is more difficult against larger sites but rather simple for smaller sites.
As domains, at best, are comparable to leases. You cannot own it indefinitely - as such domain names can be
if you fail to renew. This can be a costly mistake.

Barack Obama's campaigns consisted of driving social traffic to his actual site to encourage donations.
Having your hub site hacked can be as emotional as having your house broken into. And be similarly costly.
In two weeks this local band managed to accrue 2 million views.
Views on the first day, note the description section.
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