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No description

Adam Snodgrass

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Archetypes

There are two types of Archetypes
What are Archetypes?
The Orphan
Goal: To belong
Fear: To be exploited or left out
Weakness: Cynicism
Talent: Realism and Interdependence

Shadow: Because the Orphan is left out, he or she attempts to dominate all who are not him or her
The Hero
Goal: To Win
Fear: Fear and Weakness
Weakness: Arrogance
Talent: Courage and Skill

Shadow: The Dark Knight or the Arrogant Super Hero
The Caregiver
Goal: Help Others
Fear: Failure and Selfishness
Weakness: Martyrdom and Guilt-Trips
Talent: Compassion and Nurturing

Shadow: The Over-bearing Mother
the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies
The Innocent
Goal: To be Happy
Fear: To be abandoned
Weakness: Dependence
Talent: Faith and Optimism

Shadow: Over Dependence or
Over Naivete
The Explorer
Goal: To Search for Something Better
Fear: Being Trapped
Weakness: Aimlessness and Selfishness
Talent: Autonomy and Bravery

Shadow: Values own freedom over others
The Rebel
Goal: To Overthrow what isn't working
Fear: Powerlessness
Weakness: Crossing over to the Darkside
Talent: Radical Freedom

Shadow: Committing atrocities in the name of the greater good
The Destroyer
Goal: To Change
Fear: Annihilation or Oblivion
Weakness: Destruction
Talent: Humility or Passion

Shadow: Destroyer lets go on inhibition and
becomes engrossed in the destruction and Chaos
The Lover
Goal: Love
Fear: Being Alone
Weakness: Objectifying
Talent: Passion and Love

Shadow: Becomes addicted to sexual relationships or uses sex for profit in someway.
The Creator
Goal: A Vision
Fear: Failure to Achieve that vision
Weakness: Self-indulgence and obsession
Talent: Creativity and Vision

Shadow: Becomes obsessed with the vision and cares for nothing else
The Jester
Goal: Joy
Fear: Being Bored
Weakness: Cruelness and Debauchery
Talent: Humor, Subtlety, and Wisdom

Shadow: Uses their humor to manipulate
others or to bring Chaos to entertainthemselves
The Sage
Goal: Find Truth
Fear: Being Duped
Weakness: Constant Analysis but no action
Talent: Intelligence

Shadow: Fails to Act when needed
The Magician
Goal: To Make things happen
Fear: Unintended Consequences
Weakness: Becoming Manipulative
Talent: Finding Win-Win Situations

Shadow: The Evil Sorcerer

The 1D Character
Shallow and Petty

Serve only one function

2D Character
The Pure Archetype vs The Stereotype
Shallow but full
3D Character
Deep and Full Character

Exercise: Select one of your own characters and determine what archetype or archetypes fit your character.
The Ruler
Goal: Successful Nation
Fear: Chaos
Weakness: Authoritarian
Talent: Leadership

Shadow: The Dictator
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