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Science Journals

No description

Sabrina Hunt

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Science Journals

Science Journals Using Science Journals
to Enhance Science
Content, Inquiry
and Literacy. So how do we
get our students
to do these things? Think as a Scientist

Record as a Scientist

Reflect as a Scientist What are
Science Journals? Five Good Reasons to
Use Science Journals #1 Science journals are
thinking tools What is a scientist? #2 Science journals guide
teacher instruction. Science Journals An interactive, written record of student learning that allows for communication of understanding.
A place where students record their thinking in words and drawings, procedures, investigations, data, conclusions, and reflections.
A formative assessment tool for teachers. #3 Science journals
enhance literacy skills. Some notebook
entry ideas . . . #4 Science journals support differentiated learning. #5 Science journals foster
teacher and student collaboration. Drawings
Graphic organizers
Tables, Charts, & Graphs
Notes and Practice problems
Investigation Formats
Reflective responses
Writing frames
Many more... What is science? the first grade parade blog Notebook Organization Cover/Title Page
Table of Contents
Glossary For the Cover/Title Page Requirements:
Science Journal
and Student Name Table of Contents Set up the headings
with date/activity/and page number.

Work in progress! Glossary Added in the back of the
science journal to hold
scientific words/vocabulary. How do I find the time
to do something extra
in science? Examples https://sites.google.com/a/randolph.k12.nc.us/sciencejournals/home Use of science notebooks by every student, in every school, every day improves achievement in reading, writing, and science for all students.
- Amaral, Garrison, and Klentschy, 2002 #3 Science notebooks enhance literacy skills. How do I assess all this work?
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