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Family & Consumer Sciences

No description

Aimee Marasco

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences
Grades are based on points from:
Class participation
attendance, discussion, journals, effort and attitude
Completion and accuracy of daily work and interactive notebooks
Major projects, quizzes and exams, and reflections

Follow the handbook.
You are expected to follow all procedures in the handbook; breaking them results in the stated consequences.
Keep it clean.
The room, your language (no swearing), your work… This is a clean classroom.
Be Prepared and be on task.
Have materials with you and use the class time provided wisely.
Not Sure? Ask!
Ask before you act, it will save us both a headache later!
Show Respect
Be responsible with property and belongings.
Treat all members of our school community with politeness and respect.
Honor the ideas and opinions of others.
This includes not saying phrases like “that’s so gay” or “that’s retarded” and other derogatory terms.

Mrs. Marasco's Schedule
1st: Child Development
2nd: Foods 1
3rd: Prep
4th: Foods 1
5th: Health & Fitness
6th: Prep
7th: Fashion/Textiles
8th: Jr. High FCS

High School Cell Phone Policy
They should be on silent -- NOT Vibrate.
When the bell rings, they should be out of sight unless you have permission to use them in class.
You are responsible enough to know when and when not to use them in class, please use your common sense.
If you do lose your cell phone in class, it will be in the principal's office at the end of the day for you to retrieve.
2nd offense = parents getting it from the office.

Junior High Cell Phone Policy
Junior high students are not to have their cell phones in class.
Cell phones will be taken away until the end of class if caught using them.
2nd offense and your parents will have to come get it.
Responsibility for Coursework
Bring notebook, binder/folder, textbook, planner, and appropriate writing tools to class.
Daily homework will be expected to be turned in by the next class period.
All major assignments will be posted on the board before the due date, and verbal reminders given.
You are responsible for keeping track of your assignments. Make sure you return your journals to their place and turn in homework in the correct slot.
Keep all work in a binder or folder for your benefit.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with me for what needs to be made up.

FACS Procedures
Journal Questions are to be answered at the beginning of class. Points are given every 3 weeks for Journals.
Journals and homework are to be turned into the appropriate spots. If found anywhere else, they will be recycled.
Food and beverages are not allowed in the classroom without permission. No pop or energy drinks.
My desk is my area, with important things arranged a certain way. Please respect my space and stay away unless I invite you in.
The front table is the "student zone". Your homework and journals go here, staples, tape, pencils, germ-x, lotion, tissues--all yours.
Important Things to Know
Classroom Rules
FACS Procedures
FACS Procedures
If it is not your project or food, hands off.
If using the kitchen, follow all safety rules.
If not using the kitchen in class, please stay out!
This is FACS time. Do not work on other course work in my class unless given permission, or it will be taken away.
The bell does not dismiss the class, I do. Everything should be put away and cleaned up before leaving the classroom, including pushing chairs in and dirty dishes washed, dried and put away. If not, you will be late to your next class (or the bus!).
@AimeeMarasco @MDFCCLA
Chromebook/Computer Policies

Keep them in carrying case until instructed to get them out.
No games. End of story.
Can plug in at the sewing table area if need to charge while working.
Earphones/Headphones---or no music. Not wasting time playing DJ for the class.
Computers and Food do not mix. They stay out of kitchens, and get put away BEFORE eating at the tables.
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