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How Far is Too Far?

Passport2Purity2012 - Talk 2

Bishoy Eskander

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of How Far is Too Far?

Passport to Purity 2012 HOW FAR IS TOO FAR? How far is too far? Playing with fire! o 1 month you can hold hands.
o 2 months you can kiss.
o 3 months, you can French kiss.
o 4 months, you can go to second base.
o 5 months, go for the genitals. If you're dating for... DOES THIS REALLY PROTECT
THIS ANSWER?! FYI: the medical definition of sex is this: Any genital contact at all whether hand to genital, mouth to genital, genital to
genital AS A SIDE NOTE: is sex. (not how far is too far, but) THE REAL QUESTION IS: What are the
best choices for my life?

What are the best choices
for my relationship with God?

What are the best choices
for my future? “Run from anything that stimulates
youthful lust. Follow anything that
makes you want to do what is right. Pursue faith and love and peace and
enjoy the companionship with those
who call on the Lord with pure
hearts.” St. Paul gives us the answer! (in 2 Timothy 2) RUN! walk away? avoid? ignore? no- - Dating
- Watching pornography
- Watching llicit movies and TV shows
- any books and magazines that show sexual pleasure and romance
- BEING ALONE WITH A GIRL BTW - feelings, actions, touching, kissing, sex - these arent the only things! I guarantee you- ALL OF THESE will lead you to make a decision that you NEVER meant to make initially JUST ASK! Exaggerating Much?! The benefits of waiting on all
of these- dating, holding hands,
kissing, sex- the benefits of
WAITING are all MUCH greater
than actually doing ANY of
them Why are we so
- Guilt
- Pressure to Conform
- Worrying about future spouse might say or think
- to enjoy life as a teenager without feeling trapped
be on the path to everlasting life Media- tv, movies, magazines, games, internet - pressuring us about SEX, LUSTFUL RELATIONSHIPS, DATING, etc from people who dont care about us, love us, even KNOW us! BUT! There is someone who does care about us, love us, knows us, and will be there today, tomorrow, next week, next year, and FOREVER! GOD waiting to have sex is NEVER going to hurt you NEWS FLASH!!! o SELF- CONTROL
o TRUSTWORTHY Wuss? Loser? Gay? so- how do we
RUN?! Draw boundaries BEFORE you are in that situation and have to DECIDE what to do! Establish a Temptation PLAN 1. The further you go, the faster you go Temptation: 2. The further you go, the further you want to go 3. The further you go, the more difficult it is to go back NEED TO HAVE A PLAN BEFORE YOU ARE IN THAT SITUATION! DANGEROUS Friend, mentor, leader

- need to tell them your plan, your boundaries, and KEEP YOU IN CHECK! Need to ask for ACCOUNTABILITY Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” our mind is valuable GAURD YOUR MIND o Introductory memory
o Short-term memory
o Long-term memory 3 types of memory Hi, my name is Steven... INTRODUCTORY MEMORY Wait- whats your name again?! What most of us have.
Sunday School
Parents Short-Term
Memory We hear something, can answer a few questions... will forget by tonight or tomorrow o Unlimited capacity!!
o Visual, emotional, physical
memories tend to get stored
here Long- Term
Memory What is sex?! Visual, emotional, physical What is being in a relationship? Visual, emotional, physical Pornography, sexual movies, TV - Visual, emotional, physical These things can be PERMANENTLY burned into your mind and you can NEVER forget them! Will be thinking about them non-stop GAURD YOUR MINDS! dont cheapen it Embrace God's Grace DEMONSTRATIONS! we do this with GOD -scarring
-misalignment oh- I screwed up- i'll just be forgiven
Its ok- I can go confess. God will forgive me dont see the SCARRING
that you do to yourself Pursue intimacy
WITH GOD Want someone to say: "I want you, I need you,
I love you" Heres Right HERE all along Want someone to pick YOU Will go too far to be valued by someone You already have that WITH GOD By knowing God Intimately: 1.You’ll have a natural desire to please him 2.You’ll receive the power to resist temptation. 3.You’ll be more attracted to godliness. Questions? SCENARIOS: 1 1. This girl you really like and have had a crush on and have been flirting with lately is dropping hints that she is going to be at the mall by herself on saturday and tells you to meet her there. What do you do? 2. You are with a big group of friends at the mall (or church, or school), and one by one, kids get picked up, and then its just you and this other girl. There has always been a little chemistry or flirtiness between yall, but yall have never talked really about any of that. This is the first time you two have been alone really other than texting. 3. With a group of friends, maybe 3 guys and 3 or 4 girls, and your other 2 guy friends keep flirting with a couple of the girls- touching, tickling, putting arms around shoulders, playing keep away, etc. You are not. What do you do? 4. There's a girl who has been one of your friend's and in your "group" for 3 years now. You've texted a lot maybe, but just about random stuff, never talked really about anything, never dated, havent told her you like her, but you really like her and think shes a good girl and that you want to date her. All your friends have girlfriends. And this is not just because- you actually like her. - Leaky Balloon
- All glued up 5. Over at a friends house sleeping over with 2 or 3 of your friends, and youre watching a random movie on TV, and there comes a scene where the actors start making out, and then theres a sex scene. What do you do? 6. At home by yourself- parents
are out, sibling not there for some reason. Your watching TV and a movie is on, and theres a sex scene.. Or flipping through the channels and one channel stops your eye- you stop real quick- its either a sex scene, or some women in bathing suits or something. 7. Youre at a party with some friends, or have a bunch of guys and girls over together with no supervision, and a girl "throws herself" at you. Starts making very aggressive moves- trying to kiss you, hug you, etc. Its not your fault! you cant help it! What do you do? 8. What do you do? Theres a girl whos your friend who you really like, but you know youre too young to date, so youre just friends, and you know she likes you. She asks you if you want to start "talking more" or get to "know eachother" or maybe for yall 2 to just hang out together alone- dating without actually saying that youre dating. What do you tell her? You say no, and maybe shell never want to date you in the future like you were planning? You say yes, you know youre breaking the boundaries you set for yourself only because she is pushing you to. What do you do? What do you do? What do you do? DATING QUESTIONNAIRE 1. What is dating? 2. What is the purpose of dating? 3. How old do you have to be to go on your first date? 4. What kind of person should you date? DATING QUESTIONNAIRE 1. What is dating? 2. What is the purpose of dating? 3. How old do you have to be to go on your first date? 4. What kind of person should you date? When a young man and a young woman are alone together To discover the person whom God wants you to marry The issue is- How mature do I need to be before I can be trusted alone with the opposite sex? A person who walks with Jesus Christ and whose character is approved by your parents + How long do I wait? + What do I do until then?! + You are most likely spending time with SOMEONE ELSES future SPOUSE! HOW LONG DO I WAIT?! +Until you, your parents, and your father of confession all agree youre old enough and mature enough to date

+ and you are doing it for the right reason WHAT DO I DO UNTIL THEN?! + Make sure that you stay in group settings- never go off one on one together! + Enjoy ladies as your sister's and take care of them as if they were your own sisters. Really?! Whatre the chances?! Are you really going to marry
that person!? + Physical Touch is OFF LIMITS until youre married :) + Persevere in Purity! + Does your purity mean that much to you? Are YOU willing to wait to have a girlfriend?! + Does pleasing God mean that much to you? +Do you mean that much to yourself? Will you do whatever it takes?! You need to decide right NOW!
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