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49ers Fan Experience

No description

Nish Budhraja

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of 49ers Fan Experience

Revolutionizing the fan experience at the new Santa Clara Stadium
Project by: Aaron Sauceda, Cory Levy, Nish Budhraja, and Zach Davis
New stadium overview
68,500 seats
$1.2 billion cost
166 luxury suites
Largest lower bowl in the NFL
Multi-use facility
Substantial green features
Technology initiatives
Technology strategy overview
Software-driven stadium
Capitalize on BYOD
Comprehensive mobile strategy
Three key components:
Comprehensive in-stadium wifi
Tech partnership with Sony
In-house tech team
Fan experience breakdown
Our recommendation strategy
Before the game
At home
Getting to the game
Getting into the stadium
Finding seats
During the game
On-field action
Off-field action
Half-time show
Buying food
Buying merchandise
Interacting with other fans
Fan experience breakdown
Recommendation #1:
In-game social media experience
Fan pain points
Experience opportunities
Our focus
Mobile technology
In-game experience
Experience opportunities
After the game
Leaving the stadium
Stadium traffic
Nearby attractions
End-of-game promotions
Social media experience
Social media is central to team's engagement strategies
Social media fails to capitalize on fans proximity
Better connect fans with players
Social media recommendation, part 1
Fans tweet questions at players/coaches
Only questions tweeted from stadium
Players/coaches record video responses at halftime
Social media recommendation, part 2
49ers monitor in-game posts, tweets tagged from the stadium
Fans with best submissions meet with player after game
Connect fans with players in a unique way
Give fans a memento from their game experience
Reward fans for social media activity
Recommendation goals
Use social media to enhance the fan experience at the stadium
Recommendation #2:
In-game shopping experience
Current shopping experience
Crowded, cramped stores
Limited selection of apparel
Mostly team-inspired gear being sold
Shopping recommendation
Partnership with Great Mall (5 miles away)
49er-specific deals for those at the game
In-app catalog of goods from Great Mall vendors
Potential for stadium delivery
49ers can both fix and enhance this experience via tech
Recommendation goals
One-of-a-kind in-stadium shopping experience
Value-add for fans at the game
Cultivate local business relationships
Use in-stadium shopping to enhance the fan experience
Recommendation #3:
In-game entertainment experience
Importance of in-game entertainment
Substantial component of marquee sporting events
Halftime performers can draw fans
80% of fans enjoy in-game entertainment
49ers can revolutionize in-game entertainment via mobile tech
49ers can re-imagine this experience for stadium-goers
Entertainment recommendation, part 1
Fans vote to decide halftime performers
Fans vote to decide halftime show content
Voters get an opportunity to meet performers
Entertainment recommendation, part 2
Fans engage in typical "Get Loud" contest
Sound-level measured by smartphone app
Prizes/coupons for loudest sections
Recommendation goals
Unique in-game entertainment platform
Maximize control for fans
Increase fan involvement
Use in-game entertainment to enhance the fan experience
Overview of new stadium technology
Evaluating the fan experience
Social media experience
Shopping experience
In-game entertainment experience
Implementation & Conclusion
Implementation: strategic partners
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