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Structured and Unstructured Play

No description

Latchmin Persaud

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Structured and Unstructured Play

Structured Play
and Free Play

Why is this an important topic?
Create better members of the community...
What are the effects structured play and free play have on children, is one type of play more beneficial for the development of children than the other?
Secondary Research
Both types of play are important
Structured play teaches children to respect authority
Free play teaches children to be independent
Which type of play is better, depends on the child.
What is structured and unstructured play?
Structured play: Rules
Free play: Imagination
So they can further improve the quality of society.
My Research Question.
Structure play
Free play
Primary Research
50% believe children need both structured and free play.
75% support free play in schools.
Structured play makes children rely on others too much.
Free play encourages creativity to help with problem solving.
If I had the money and resources...
Travel the world and witness how play is valued/practised in schools and families in other countries.
Meet professionals who have spent their careers studying this topic.
In Conclusion...

The topic of play is a broad subject matter, unstructured and structured play is just the tip of the iceberg.
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