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Sex Education

No description

Madison Dunbar

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Sex Education

What was your sex ed like?
Any controversy in your high school?
Are we talking about the right things?
Let's change the conversation!

Let's Talk About It!
Issues with Sex Ed Today
History of the Debates
Mostly abstinence-only
Has three goals:
delay teenage sexual activity
prevent teen pregnancy
lower STI rates
Fails on all three goals
Religious Right V. SIECUS
Use of political rhetoric and fear tactics to keep comprehensive sex education out of schools to prevent the "moral corruption of children"
SIECUS fought to bring comprehensive and inclusive sex ed to public and private schools.
An Unhelpful Compromise
Maddy and Shakira
Monday, April 7, 2014
WILL* Colloquium
Our Time with John Marshall's Juniors
Continuing to Change the Conversation
Sex Education
Taking the conversation to the kids
How did we start the conversation?
Principles of school education
-Open, honest, and medically accurate
Teaching approaches and strategies
-Connection to Media
Ground rules and confidentiality
-Doesn't push young people into traditional gender roles
-Inclusive of LGTBQ+ students
Peer education
-Conversation with people close to our age
Writing letters or calling local legislators
Talking to school districts about cirriculum
Volunteering and supporting Planned Parenthood
Challenging sexual scripts in everyday life
Promoting healthy relationships
A Converstaion About:
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