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Rosemary Timperley

Emily Wilson

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Harry

Rosemary Timperley Harry Analysis Red-haired, little Christine was adopted
Children have tendencies to have imaginary friends. But what if they aren't that "imaginary"?
"Harry," The imaginary friend, who was supposedly her brother, becomes the cause of all havoc reeked upon the family.
Christine's mother becomes concerned with her daughters obsession with Harry. Which drove the woman to pry within her daughters unknown past.
She discovers that Christine did have a brother and the fate of his family.
While she was looking into the past she finds she's late to pick up her daughter, but it was okay, her brother took care of it. Summary Main subject of story
The name itself has a deeper meaning then one might think.
A "Harry" can be a brother, imaginary friend, son, pet, anything, it is a simple word that can be seen in many ways. Title Point of View Mother's point of view
First person Setting Time-present
Location- Europe
Atmosphere-Bright summer days, when white roses are in bloom. Mood Sorrowful
Mysterious Tone Serious
Suspicious Characters Protagonist Christine, the young daughter with a harmless imaginary friend Harry
Takes Christine from family
Tries to take Christine's "family" from her. Antagonist Types Direct Indirect Mom-Flat because she only has one layer to her, and that is concern for her daughter Harry-The author never speaks about Harry's emotions or what heis thinking, we learn through dialogue. What do we know?? Christine and Harry have red hair- direct
Harry's family was from England-direct
Christines' mother dislikes Harry-indirect
Harry is a ghost- indirect
Harry is Christines' brother-direct How do we know it?? The author tells the reader the color of Christines' and Harrys' hair and they're relation to eachother.
Indirectly the author tells the reader the fact that Harry is a ghost and Christines' mothers' feelings towards Harry Conflict Internal Man vs. Man
(Mother vs. Guilt and Curiosity)
Man vs. Paranormal External Man vs. Supernatural!! Plot Figurative Language Theme Personal Evaluation Questions What is the theme?? What's best for one person might not be the best for everyone. Examples in the text... Henry-Static because throughout the story he has never stopped loving and fighting for Christine The mother-The author specifically states how she is feeling about most of the events pccuring in her life The father-Instead of showing through words how the father felt about the mother's concern the author told us how he brished it off like she was crazy Stereotypes
Yes, the doctor says that most children dream up things like imaginary friends. Not all kids are like that.
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