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Detrmining Evolutionary relationships

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bestpotatoNA Tomato

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of Detrmining Evolutionary relationships

Determining evolutionary history
Scientists determine evolutionary history by examining body structure and chemical make up
Chemical make up
When scientists study chemical make up sometimes new information can be discovered that causes reclassification.
For example skunks and weasels used to be in the same family but after their chemical make ups were observed they found many differences causing them to now be in different families.
Convergent evolution
Sometimes unrelated organisms evolve in similar ways because they may live in the same environment or have the same diet. This happens because they perform the same functions so they may have similar body structures. This entire process is called convergent evolution.
Determining Evolutionary Relationships
Viswanath, Aryan, Shree and Yash
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