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Jurassic World Case Study

No description

Elona Woodford

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Jurassic World Case Study

The Jurassic Park franchise first came to life in 1993 when the first film was released. After this there were two other sequels which were released in 1997 and 2001. The franchise was able to continue because of the success from the previous 3 films and was actually due to be released in 2005, however due to script technicalities and mortal reasons it delayed the release date and production to 2015.
Also Steven Spielburg had ideas and inspirations for this film way before the technology was avaliable to do so, for example the motorcycle and Raptors scene.
Jurassic Park III director denied rumours of the forth film being made. The previous director of the Jurassic Park said he would not return.
- Richard Attenborough said he would reprise his role as John Hammond, but he unfortunately passed away in 2014.
- After much deliberation over many years, in October 2011, Spielberg denied he was directing the movie but opting to be a producer.
-In 2013, Universal said the film would be shot in 3D and released on June 13th, 2014.
- Further complications on scenes to include and the draft script, the date was further pushed back from 2014 to an unspecified date. However, delaying the film allowed Trevorrow more time to work on the script.
- Actors considered for the movie included: Josh Brolin, Garrett Hedlund and John Krasinski.
- The final cast was officially confirmed in In April 2014. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were the male and female leads alongside Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson.

General Facts
- Directed by Colin Trevorrow
- Production Companies: Amblin Entertainment and Legendary Pictures
- Distributed by Universal Pictures
- UK and US date was 12th June 2015
- Production budget: $150 million
- Money Taken In From Box office: $1.670 billion
- It sold nearly $3 million Blu-ray and DVD units in its first week, making it the highest-selling home entertainment live-action film both for Universal and of 2015.
- Across all digital and physical formats, Jurassic World has generated $82.6 million in its first week.
- Overall U.S. media spending for “Jurassic World” was $65 million according to analysists.
Press Release
Thank you!
Film Posters
Jurassic World Case Study
By Elona Woodford, Angel Duncil and Georgia Alliston
At first they released the poster on the left as it is plain and enticing to avoid any distraction from the name - the film is leaving enigma to the audience as to who is going to be in it.
This poster was also released first because it had similarities to the original Jurassic Park poster, this will further attract audiences, particularly the pre-existing fanbase of the franchise, as the logo is so iconic and noticeable.
Then closer to the release date (12th June 2015) the poster on the right was released as then those who weren't already convinced were persuaded to go as they see more about who and what is in the film.
After much speculation of a Jurassic Park 4 becoming a reality, it was revealed by Universal in October 2013 that Jurassic World was being produced and was due to be released in June 2015 with the director, to many people's surprise, being Colin Trevorrow who is actually most well know for doing Indie films not Blockbusters.
First Teaser Trailer: 23rd November 2014
Trailer Released During the Superbowl: 1st February 2015 (Marketing Strategy - Large Audience)
The main distributor is Universal , who is one of the Big Six Media Companies. Other action/ adventure films which Universal have distributed include: Fast and the Furious, Bourne Identity, as well as the other 3 Jurassic Park films.
Also Universal spent a total of $34.9 million on TV advertisements for the film.
The main Production Companies are: Amblin Entertainment
and Legendary Pictures. Amblin Entertainment is Steven Speilburg's company, who worked on all other Jurassic Park films. Other films his company has worked on are: Gremlins, ET and Back to the Future.
Legendary Pictures hasn't worked on any of the Jurassic Park films, but other films Legendary Pictures has worked on are: Godzilla, Where The Wild Things Are and Man of Steel.
Universal TV Involvement
Universal Channel is a television channel owned by NBCUniversal and it runs tv shows such as Bates Motel, NCIS, White Collar and Law and Order. Universal's most watched program is Sleepy Hollow.
Billboards, Press, Radio and TV Interviews
The Jurassic World teaser billboard was first snapped on May 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood, whilst the landscape ad creatives featuring our motorbike-riding hero were spotted along Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard on May 19, plus the portrait version was photographed along Hollywood Boulevard on May 26, 2015.

Christ Pratt did an interview with Smosh - one of the biggest Youtube stars as part of the Jurassic World promotion in order to attract an internet-based target audience. Other Youtube interviews include ClevverNews and ScreenSlam with Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins - Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow also did a behind the scenes interview.
Jurassic World stars and directors embarked on a press tour and some of their interviews include:
Bryce Dallas on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show
Jurassic World Paris premiere press conference interviews with Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy and director Colin Trevorrow.
Main actors were guests on James Corden's Late Late Show and The Graham Norton Show
Box Office figures:
Total Box Office in the UK by December: $100,481,318
Official Merch on Universal Website:
Online Presence
The production for Jurassic World began on April 14, 2014 in Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii.
Stan Winston who was in charge of animatronics for Jurassic Park's animatronics director Stan Wilson, died in 2008. His former studio, now called Legacy Effects, was hired for animatronics.

Visual effects supervisor Phil Tippett and Industrial Light and Magic also returned to create CGI dinosaurs. The computer generated dinosaurs were created using performance capture, using human actors to perform the dinosaurs' movements.

Other filming sites include Kauai and the abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans where Jurassic World's Main Street was constructed. The majority of the filming took place in New Orleans in places such as the Audubon Zoo, Louis Armstrong International Airport and Big Easy Studios inside the NASA complex.

Colin Trevorrow announced that filming had finished on August 5, 2014 after a 78 day shoot.
Website: http://uk.jurassicworldintl.com/

Jurassic World Game: Android and Apple

The first premiere for Jurassic World was held on the 29th of May 2015 in Paris. The film was available in 4,273 venues on June 12th making it the largest screen count for Universal ever.

Worldwide, Jurassic World was released across 809 IMAX theaters (364 of which were in North America), making it the third-largest worldwide rollout for any movie in IMAX's history and the largest day-and-date IMAX release ever.Universal re-launched the film in IMAX 3D in theaters on August 28, 2015, for one week in the United States and Canada.
Various companies served as promotional partners, such as Kellogg's, Dairy Queen, and Barbasol.

A video game based on the film, Lego Jurassic World, and an iOS/Android application produced by the video game developer Ludia, Jurassic World: The Game, were released in 2015.
Synergy through Cross Promotion
Was the product placement in Jurassic World too much?
“Honestly, the trilogy is articulated in Jurassic Park, it’s all in there… Jurassic World is all based on Ian Malcolm’s quote, ‘You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you wanna sell it.’ That to me is Jurassic World, that’s why I had all the product placement, that’s what it was.'
Colin Trevorrow claims that all the product placement was intentional:
The amount of product placements within the theme park allows the film to be more realistic - real theme parks would have to be sponsored by various companies to have enough funding to build.
Pre Production began on Jurassic World as early as 2001!!
Exhibition and Exchange
- Jurassic World was released across 809 IMAX theatres worldwide, making it the third largest worldwide release for any movie in IMAX history.

- The DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D release was on October 20th 2015. It sold nearly $3 million copies in the first week, making it the highest-selling home entertainment live-action film of 2015.
- The movies theatrical release happened in 66 territories, including advanced screenings in North America. Japan was the last market the movie was released on August 5th.
- Jurassic World had its first premiere on May 29th in Paris, France at The Grand Rex Cinema.
- Universal also re-launched the film in IMAX 3D making it available for people worldwide to have both experiences.
These movies were released during the same month as Jurassic World. Two of these movies belonging to a franchise, similar to Jurassic World.
Entourage is originally a critically acclaimed TV show, expecting huge box office numbers.
They also didn't attract a bigger audience as BBFC rated them all 15, limiting the amount of viewers allowed to watch it in cinema.
Fortunately, no movies clashed with Jurassic World's opening weekend, but main competitor Inside Out was released a week later.
Both movies attracted a large target audiences. Disney often slide in some adult concepts and humor to target parents as well as children.
Jurassic World however, is an action sci-fi belonging to a franchise which all fans of the movies will go and see due to it's popularity with the Jurassic Park movies.
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