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08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

No description

Caitlin Knowles

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of 08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

Paragraph 1
Terrorism is different than other types of warfare. It is an insidious, effect tactic that uses fear as a weapon and tool of motivation. Terrorism involves threats and harmful acts against innocent people with no warning or instigation. Terrorism effects countries in a multitude of ways. Acts of terrorism are accomplished unseen but the effects are equal to or more than the effects of other types of warfare. Terror attacks are often responded by a need for justice and vengeance which leads to military action. Terrorist do not need to be trained soldiers of some army; they can be anyone willing to take extreme measures to make their point. Also one of these extremist can cause a massive ripple effect and take out tons of innocent lives in the process. Another effect of terrorism is a new racial profile on Middle Eastern people; though the world has gone overcome many racial profiles before, fear does not allow people to distinguish between the few terrorist and innocent citizens.

The terrorist attacks around the world have had a mass psychological effect and in turn political and military action. The attacks on September 11 had huge consequences. The United States took immediate action to capture those responsible for the attacks and war ensued. Due to the presence of the U.S. and allied forces Afghanistan's government and social structure changed. Accusations and claims spread the disease that was terrorism throughout the Middle East. In the U.S., Congressional acts were passed, The Patriot Act, and the Department of Homeland Security was born. The United States led and continues to lead the war on terrorism , but the United Nations adopted a declaration to assist in the fight against terrorism.
Square of Hope
In my "Square of Hope" I put a picture of the attack on the Twin Towers to show what the square is memorializing. I also have a picture of a soldier in the army that was no doubt sent to fight the war on terrorism instigated by the attacks on 9/11. There is a a hand holding up the peace sign. This is to show that we lost peace that day and we are fighting to get it back. Lastly, there is a picture of a graveyard with American flags to represent the lives of the soldiers we've lost to the war on terrorism. It is also a token to those lost on 9/11 and their families.
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