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Inspire, Equip, Imagine

No description

Jolie Levin

on 4 September 2016

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Transcript of Inspire, Equip, Imagine

We are planning to go to Dewberry Farm on Thursday, October 22. Parents will need to let the classroom teacher know if interested in attending and pay $7 by October 3. Dewberry Farm will need a final count.

This is a 1st grade field trip only, so please make arrangements for younger siblings that day.

Make sure criminal history form is filled out
on-line. This has to be done every year and takes up to a week to get approved.

Field Trip


Taught in whole and small group settings using manipulatives while engaged in hands-on math skills
Intensive focus on problem solving and application of basic skills
Builds from Pictorial to Abstract (written)
Guided Math
-Students work in small groups at math work stations. Teacher works with small groups on skills or enrichment activities.


Weekly Grade level Newsletter
Visit website www.fortbendisd.com
Click on curriculum

What will we learn?

Throughout the Year

For every student to become an
independent reader, writer,
and problem solver with
a love for learning.

First Grade: Primary Goal


Our Motto:

School wide News

Around 12:50 pm Students eat while they work.
Pop-top Water Bottles
Dry finger foods only/FMNV restrictions apply
Visit Website

10:50 am
$2.25 lunch
$1.25 breakfast
# system-learn #
Healthy foods
Please send lunch money or checks in an envelope with your child’s full legal name AND lunch number.
No cash will be accepted in the lunch line.

Please Note:

- my “lifeline”
Use Return pocket for all correspondences
Please initial daily!
- school information,
please do not use to return items
Practice/not perfection
Will be sent on AND due on Fridays( 1 week )


Integrate Multiple Disciplines into the area of study
Create interest and excitement
Builds vocabulary
Offer a variety of reading genres
Encourage development of research skills and methods

Author Studies


Social Studies

Thematic Units


Guided Reading groups based on reading strategies/DRA levels
General guidelines for Levels
Level 6-8

expectation for end of first nine weeks
Level 12

by winter break
Level 16 Non-Fiction to 18

by May to be successful in second grade
Fluency (70+wpm minimum)
Children are instructed on their own levels

Morning Work
Word Block
Writing Block
Integrated Reading Block
Recess 10:20-10:50
Lunch 10:50-11:20
Social Studies
Math Block
Outclass 1:15-2:00


Inspire, Equip, Imagine
Please Sign-In and
Sign-Up for October 9th-Conference Day

Welcome to Parent Night 2015

*** Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes
to school on PE days.

Science-Mrs. Gorrosquieta
Art-Mrs. Suter
Think Tank-Mrs. Gegogeine
Music-Mr. Randle
Music-Mrs. Waites
PE-Ms. Ocampo and Coach Poledore


Please Note:

Word Wall Words

Word Work

District-wide Assessment Lists

- should have mastered by Sept. 1st
- assessed each grading period

reading these words
independently and spelling them correctly in daily writing

Inventive Spelling encourages fluent writing
Making Words builds word knowledge and GOOD spellers
Spelling is not just a test!


Developmental Stages
Complete sentences
Stories with beginning, middle, and end

Word Work

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
Independent Reading Levels
Level 18 by the end of first grade
Math Diagnostic Numeracy Assessment
Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Inventory (PAPI)Mastery required on all objectives
Individual Assessments (shared on conference day)

First Nine Weeks

Academic and Behavior grades will be reported every nine weeks

Computer generated report cards

S = Meets standard expectations consistently
N = Needs improvement in standard expectations

E-only given for behavior

Outclass teachers are also using a color conduct chart during outclass. Those grades will be reflected on the report card.

Birthday treats

must be bought from a store. A form must be filled out at the office. These treats cannot be eaten in the cafeteria. They will be eaten at the end of the day. (last 5-10 minutes). Please let your child's teacher know in advance if you are sending cupcakes.
Campus Improvement Goals
Focus on Math
Focus on Science
Programs we use:
Thinking maps
Primarily Writing
Write from the Beginning
Deb Diller's Math Workstations
Guided Math
New Social Studies Adoption
Change of Transportation
MUST send a note/fax/email
Phone calls will not be accepted.
Bus Riders
1st referral=1 day bus suspension
2nd referral=3 days bus suspension
3rd referral =5-15 days bus suspension
Car Riders
Know your place of pick-up
Please be sure ALL names hang from rearview mirror
Please wait in car
Students must sit quietly so they can hear the number they should go to for pick up.
If Rainy Day Dismissal is called:
Be patient!
Your child's safety is our top priority.
Plan on it taking longer than normal for dismissal.
Do not walk up

to the front lobby doors.
Students will wait inside and be dismissed accordingly.
If your child normally walks, you can still pick up at the walker door with the yellow dismissal sign or in car line.
Dates to make note of:

Picture Day-Sept. 30
Last day for GT referrals-Sept. 30
Early Release/Conferences-Oct.9
Family Math Night-Oct. 15
Veteran's Day program-Nov. 11
Book Fair/Spaghetti Night-Nov. 12
Grandparent's Day-Nov. 20
Join Twitter-@OE_Wildcats
Oakland Elementary Facebook group
First grade uses the color behavior chart. Everyone starts on wonderful white. Students can move up to green, blue and purple. Students can move down to yellow, orange, and red. Students moving down will walk laps as a consequence at recess or sit away from his/her table at silent lunch.
We encourage and reward good behavior. We also know that everyone has a bad day once in a while. We are a team and want your support.
Please initial your child's folder everyday indicating that you have discussed behavior with your child. Any questions, please contact your child's teacher.
Our goal is for all children to learn.
Go to Fort Bend ISD website; Click campuses; Find Oakland; Click on faculty;
Choose teacher name
Go go resources or homework

Other Important Staff
send a note
Including full legal name of child, reason for absence,
dates, signature and phone numbers

(no later than 5 days after absence)
After 10:00 AM, need Dr. note or counted absent
8:10 AM

Early leave before 3:10 will result in a tardy. Medical tardies will be excused with documentation from the doctor.
5 tardies

= N in conduct area for school rules.
Students enter the classroom at
. Please be on time.
Early pick up will not be allowed between


Adjusted arrival and dismissal routines will begin in October. More info to come!
Campus suggestion box in front lobby!
First Grade Aide-Mrs. Dimiceli
Principal-Mrs. Hoeffken
Assistant Principal-Mr. Haas
Assistant Principal-Mrs. Gray
Receptionist-Mrs. Lynch
Secretary-Mrs. Dickson
Attendance Clerk-Mrs. Sides
Counselors-Ms. Jackson, Mrs. Nance
Counselor Aide-Mrs. Kocich
Nurse-Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Divers
ESL-Mrs. Zhong
Speech-Mrs. Richards
Reading Specialist-Mrs. LeBlanc
Math Specialist-Mrs. Pierce
Mrs. Dimiceli-
First grade aide
Library-Mrs. Rankin
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