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No description

Year3 Academy

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Islam

By Aditya,Anusjhni!!!
How do muslims pray?
Muslims pray towards Mecca.They pray to theri god Allah.Muslims pray 5 times a day.
Every musluim pary of the muslim god Allah. Allah made us so that we can obey his orders. He said " If you die and you was a good person you will go to Paradise if you didnt you will go to Hell. He has 99 names.
Simble of Allah
Coninue Allah
whitth no partner. Allah is fully powerfull and strong. Allah is a Arabic word for god.,
Allah's 99 name
A moque is like us cristians and hindu go to temple and church but mosque is more inportent Muslims go to mosque because they can pray.

contense page
How do muslims pray
coninue allah
the 5 pillers
the 5 pillars !
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