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A Journey Through Computer History

No description

S Dasilva

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of A Journey Through Computer History

20th Century
Current Day Computers
Ancient Times
Works Cited
The iPhone
First iPhone is released in 2007
With a new touch screen
All iPhones up to the iPhone5, was created by Steve Jobs
The iPhone's new generations were created in 2009, 2008, and 2010 up to the iPhone5 created in 2013
An iOS was created for the iPhone that will manage security and battery power; and allows you to interact with the apps.
made using a smartphone easier
influenced other and later smart phones
"computer in pocket"
In 1746, a man name Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity
He attached a key to a kite and flew it in a thunderstorm
He was shocked by lightning!
Since the discovery, electricity has been used in the making of computers.
Complex Number Calculator
Invented in China in the 4th B.C. century
Used to add, subtract, multiply and divide
Worked just as well and fast as a calculator
Used when there were no written numbers
Different kinds in different countries
The Colossus
The CNC was completed by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1939 but was not demonstrated until 1940.
The designer of the CNC was George Stibitz.
Stibitz demonstrated the CNC in front of an American Mathematical Society conference held at Dartmouth College.
This performance is considered the first demonstration of remote access computing.
The iPad
first successful tablet
created new category for computers
5 different kinds: newest iPad Air
Invented in 1733 by John Kay
Helped with production
Made material such as cloth faster
Helped produce larger and more complex cloth
It only took a fraction of the time of a worker
The Flying Shuttle
Invented by Blaise Pascal in 1964
He was 19 years old when he started working on it
He built 20, mostly because his father was an tax official
He inspired others to modernize it
They added more digits for it to calculate
It was a polished brass box that was compact enough to carry
It consisted of a metal dial and a stylus
Pascal's Adding Machine
The Transistor
Apple Electronics
The transmitter lasted from 1954 to 1962.
Created by three scientists, John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Walter Brattain in 1947.
It can be used to relay and switch electronic signals.
A Brief Biography of Steve Jobs' Career
Co-founder of Apple Inc.
Chief executive officer of Apple 1997-2011
Former head of Pixar Animation Studios
Created Apple with Stephan Wozniak
Resigned from being executive officer in 2011, due to health issues
Died on Oct, 5, 2011
Apple still creates amazing technology, even after his death.
The AVIDAC was built for an inspiring summer computer school on the University of Pennsylvania.
The AVIDAC was produced the same year as the ENIAC, in 1946.
It was produced by Robert Dennis and James Woody Jr.
Its purpose was to do the same thing as the ENIAC.
The computer is remarkable because it was built off other kinds of computers and was built old pieces and monitors, etc.
Dell, Windows, & Microsoft
Dell XPS 12 Computer
320GB Hard Drive was released in 2014, it's price changing dramatically from 1999
Dell XPS 12 is the fastest computer they've made
This computer can rotate 360 degrees
Has a touch screen
This is a huge upgrade from 1999 Dell computers
The Colossus is the world's first electronic digital computer that was all programmable.
The Colossus was invented by a British engineer named Tommy Flower.
The machine was used and was helpful during World War 2.
The computers existence was not made public until the 1970's.
On August 1st 1988 the first Microsoft Office
was invented
The first version of Office included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.
The latest version of Office was created October 12th 2012 and called Office 2013

There are 16 different versions of office since 1990
The first Apple Macintosh TV was created in 1993
Releases final version of Windows Me to computer manufacturers
Finally releases Windows Service Pack2
That update fixes over 500 software bugs
Then, later, they release the Service Pack3
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