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Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities for Teachers

No description

Savanna Wygiera

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities for Teachers

Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities for Teachers

This declaration forms part of the Constitution of The Alberta Teacher's Association.

1. Teachers have the base to
diagnosis, planning, methodology and evaluation
on professional knowledge and skills, and have the responsibility to review constantly their own level of competence and effectiveness and to seek necessary improvements as part of a continuing process of professional development.
5. Teachers have the right to work in surroundings that are
sanitary, healthful and conducive
to teaching and learning, and have the responsibility to assess conditions encountered and to improvement of unacceptable conditions.
6.Teachers have the right to a reasonable allotment of
resources, materials, and services
of support staff and have the responsibility to use them in an efficient manner.
4. Teachers have the right to criticize
educational programs
and have the responsibility to do so in a professional manner.
2. Teachers have the right to expect standards of
pupil behavior
necessary for maintaining an optimal learning environment and have the responsibility to use reasonable methods to achieve such standards.
3. Teachers have the right to a voice in all decisions of a professional nature which affect them and have the responsibility to seek the most effective means of
with their professional colleagues.
When joining the profession of teaching, there are rights and responsibilities that correspond with being a teacher. By abiding by this declaration it will help to ensure effective teaching and classroom management.
7. Teachers have the right to
fair and reasonable evaluation
of professional performance and have the responsibility to give sincere consideration to any suggestions for improvement.

8.Teachers have the right to
and in extreme cases to refuse the assignment of teaching duties when they believe their qualifications and experience will not provide adequate service and safety to pupils and have the responsibility to consider any special circumstances under which the duties were assigned.
9. Teachers have the right to be
protected against discrimination
on the basis of prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, disability, marital status, family status, age, ancestry, place of origin, place of residence, socioeconomic background or linguistic background and have the responsibility to
refrain from practicing these forms of discrimination in their professional duties.
10.Teachers, collectively and collegially, have the right to:
a) be members of the
representing their
professional, economic and contractual concerns,
b) serve the organization and be
by it,
c) adhere to and to expect other members to adhere
to the organization’s code of
professional conduct,
d) have a voice in determining criteria and
procedures for the
of professional
performance of teachers,
e) be
under provisions outlined in
contracts of employment with the employer,
f) bargain for
and working conditions which
include fair and
grievance procedures,
g) receive an adequate income while teaching and
upon retirement, and have the
to support actively their professional organization in its objectives to regulate
relations between teachers and their employers and to
improve the quality of education, the status of teachers
and the status of the teaching profession
Game time!
The rules:
1. We will put you into three groups.
2. Each group has a color (

3. Once we say
"Ready, get set, GO!"
your team must pop each balloon
(one at at time)
of your assigned color and read the scenario from inside.
4. As a team you must discuss which right or responsibilities from the declaration of rights this scenario falls under.You will then tape the scenario beside the corresponding number on your poster board. The first team to finish wins!
5. Each team must finish even if you do not finish first. After we check that all of your answers are correct you may take a prize!
The Teachers Pledge

I will teach to the best of my professional knowledge and skills and continue to seek professional development (1). I will expect students and myself to maintain an optimal learning environment (2). I promise to speak up for all decisions that affect me and I pledge to seek the most effective means through collaboration with professional colleagues (3). I can criticize the educational programs in a professional manner (4). I will have a clean work environment and vow to take responsibility to seek improvement of dirty conditions (5). I will be supported efficiently through resources, materials and support staff (6). My professional performance will be evaluated accurately from which I can improve (7). I will refuse unsafe duties in which I am not qualified or experienced for (8). I will be protected from discrimination and pledge to refrain from discriminating onto others (9). I will be part of a beneficial work community that respects and values one another (10). With this pledge I vow to do my best and be the most effective teacher I can be.

The answer key:

1. diagnosis, planning, methodology
2. pupil behavior
3. consultation, collaboration
4. educational programs
5. sanitary, healthful, conductive
6. resources, materials, services
7. fair and reasonable evaluation
8. protest
9. protected against discrimination
10. organization, represented, professional conduct, evaluation, protected, salaries, equitable, responsibility.

Hint: Use your worksheet as a reference

You will understand that once a teacher, you are automatically part of the Alberta Teachers Association. This means that as part of the association, you are entitled to a number of rights and must accept the corresponding responsibilities.

You will become familiar with the ten rights and responsibilities the Alberta Teachers Association has listed.

You will analyze circumstances and know the corresponding right or responsibility.
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