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Career shadow

No description

joshua bucklin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadow

Career Shadow By: Joshua Bucklin Dough Windham is the person I Career shadowed. His Job is fixing older types of vehicles. He is owner of the shop. The tools I used. Here are the cars we were working on. His company is a one or two person job, since it is a small buisness. He believes in 15 years that the buisness may be shut down since he will retire. We used the two stone grinders to remove the welder's mistaes. The requirements for this job is a high school diploma and on job training. These 2 tools are used to take paint off engines and other vehicle equipment. By shooting small particles of sand. It is a painful job if you shoot it in the wrong direction. The buisness has been running for 36 years. Some of the employibility skills is that you need to be responsible for what you do. You also need to be a good charismatic person to explain what is wrong with the car. What I think about this job. I enjoy doing these types of jobs where you're working with machinery to repair vehicles. Another reason why I like this job is every repair is never the same. The skills required are mostly common sense or your are taught how to use it. You need to have mechanical skills. There is only one thing I dislike about this job is some of the tools if used incorrectly could be painful. The technology used at this shop is mostly simple they use the computer for email and to find repair parts. How you get paid is based on what you repaired for the owner of the car. I would like to pursue this career as a backup plan in case something happens and I can't get the job I want. Proof I was there The End
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