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'Hush, Hush' Book Report

No description

Sarah Baxter

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of 'Hush, Hush' Book Report

I think Becca Fitzpatrick chose the title '
' because of all of the mysterious elements in the book. One of the main characters, Patch has a very big secret that you do not find out until you are nearing the end of the book.
The theme of this novel is forbidden love between a human and a fallen angel. When Nora and Patch meet, it is quite obvious that the both have at least a little attraction to each other. In the middle of the book, Patch clearly states that he would do anything to become a human and did not want to become a guardian angel, but at the end of the book, instead of sacrificing Nora, he saves her. He says that being human isn't worth it with out her there on Earth. So he chooses to be a guardian angel so he could be with her.
Man vs. Supernatural; Although she does not know it at first, Nora has many mind tricks being played on her to make her believe she is, for example, falling off a roller coaster and in the end it was as if nothing ever happened.
Man vs. Self; Nora battled with herself guessing her sanity after a few events Patch had made her think was happening. She also fought with herself about trusting Patch and even her feelings for him.
; Nora gets a new dark and secretive biology partner named Patch, who she seems to have a strange attraction to. After meeting him, she seems to have the feeling of being watch and not in a good way. Meanwhile, she is being watched by someone in a ski mask and that person even attacks her best friend, Vee, who was dressed like her.
Rising Action 1
; Patch and Nora become closer and get to know each other more. Most of the time, it was not her choice. Vee suspects that the person in the ski mask who attacked her was Patch, but Nora thinks otherwise. A little before Vee got attacked, Nora and her met two guys named Jules and Elliot. Elliot had went to a private school and was now going to Nora's school while Jules, his best friend, stays at the private school. Elliot starts to show interest in Nora.
Rising Action 2
; Nora wants to find out more about a murder that happened at the private school Elliot use to go to and found out he was a suspect. After that, Nora suspected that Elliot was the attacker.
By:Sarah Baxter
'Hush, Hush' Book Report
Figurative Language
My Review
I give this book five out of five stars. My sister is actually one one who recommend this book for me about a year ago. I finally got it during the summer and I don't regret it. It is very well written and keeps you on your toes. It has many cliff hangers and plot twist you would never think to happen. The end of the books leaves you wondering, 'what will happen next?' I really enjoyed this book and am excited to read the books that follow and see what awaits Patch and Nora next.
'This whole night felt like a dark fairy tale I'd strayed into and couldn't find my way back out.' (Fitzpatrick, 334)
This is an example of a simile. Nora is comparing her night to a dark fairy tale.
'I desperately wanted Patch to give away some clue about his thoughts, but his eyes were a cool black, emotions tucked out of sight. (Fitzpartick, 337)
This is an example of personification. Emotions can't be 'tucked' anywhere. It's showing that Patch is showing no emotion.
'His approach wasn't all that different from a cloud eclipsing the sun, subtly darkening the landscape, hinting a storm.' (Fitzpatrick, 349)
This is an example of imagery. It gives you an image of Patch's darkness overtaking the scenery with darkness.
'The next thing I knew, my hands were closing on Jules's throat, flinging his head back against the bleachers with a loud
' (Fitzpatrick, 373)
This figurative language is onomatopoeia. Jules head was bashed against the bleachers and his head made a cracking sound.
'Haunting words like "fallen angel," "human possession," and "Nephilim," danced me off to sleep. (Fitzpartrick, 253)
This is an example of personification. Words can not really 'dance' you to sleep.
Plot (cont.)
Rising Action 2 (cont.)
; After that, Elliot becomes very strange and demanding around Nora. Nora discovers that Patch is a fallen angel and to become a human as he wishes, he must kill her.
; Elliot calls Nora and tells her to come to the school or Vee would get hurt. Patch drove Nora to the school and told her to stay in the car. After a little while, she decides to go inside and figure out what was taking Patch so long. She went in and found Jules and discovered that he was the one in the ski mask. She gets corrnered into the gym by Jules when Patch showed up. He helped defend her some by controlling her body but became unconscious. It also turned out that Jules was a Nephlilm; half fallen angel and half human and two weeks a year, Patch could take control of his body and gives him the ability to feel to feel from an oath Jules was forced to swear to. He was trying to kill Nora for revenge on Patch. Nora climbs up a ladder to the rafters of the gym and is faced with Jules. She is trapped and doesn't have anywhere to go.

Plot (cont.)
Falling action
; Nora confronts Jules with the knowledge that if she were to sacrifice her life, Patch would become human and Jules would die. With this in mind, Nora throws herself from the rafters, which effectively kills Jules.When Nora threw herself off of the rafters, she killed herself, but because she had a soul, she could come back.
; Because Patch did not chose to sacrifice Nora's life, he technically saved it which means he got to become Nora's guardian angel.
; 1st person
Main Characters
; Nora Grey, Vee Sky, Patch Cipriano, Elliot, Jules
; modern day Coldwater, Maine
One form of symbolism in this novel is the farmhouse which Nora lives in. The old farmhouse represents Nora's father who died about a year before the book took place. The house reminds Nora of her father and she feels it is the only part of him that she still has left. That is why when her mom, who is constantly traveling for work, says that she was thinking about selling the house, Nora becomes worried that she would be losing the only connection she had left to her father.
Patch is a flat character because there is a lot of things that are not known about him.
Nora is a dynamic character because by the end of the book, her feelings towards Patch completely changes and she also learns to trust him.
Vee is a static character because she stays the same through out the whole book; immature and sassy.
Elliot is a dynamic character because he changes his feelings towards Jules nearing the end of the book because he had tried to kill him and Jules used him to find out more about Nora.
Becca Fitzpatrick's witting style is storytelling. She is telling the story of Nora and Patch and how they get involved in each others life. She also has a hint of a mysterious element in her story writing. She has a lot of cliff hangers and parts of the story that you don't know that make you want to continue to read.
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