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Chrystal Woolard

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving The Beginning They learned... In September,1620, a ship called the Mayflower
left Plymouth, England with 102 passengers.
They traveled 66 days before they
dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod.
This is at the mouth of the Hudson River.
One month later, the Mayflower crossed
the Massachusetts Bay. Squanto How to cultivate corn.
How to extract sap from maple trees.
How to catch fish in the rivers.
How to avoid poisonous plants. What's for dinner? After the first corn harvest was successful in November 1621, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast. This feast lasted for 3 days. There was a lot of food because the harvest was plentiful. But it did not have pies, cakes, bread, milk, potatoes or butter. There was 5 deer to eat but possibly no turkey. When... Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving
Day as a national holiday in 1863, in the midst
of the Civil War. It was originally set for the last
Thursday of the month but Franklin D. Roosevelt
changed it to the fourth Thursday in November
in 1939. Decorations Pumpkins
Fall Leaves
Symbols resembling harvest time Celebrations Families spend time together
Fill the tables with a feast of food: turkey, stuffing, beans, sweet potatoes, cornbread, baked apples, pumpkin pie
Send Thanksgiving cards
Play and watch sports
Attend parades
Remember and give to others
Give thanks Thankful vs. not thankful What are you thankful for? Mom, Dad, toys, food, etc. Squanto The Pilgrims began establishing a village
at Plymouth.They were greeted by a
Native American named Squanto.
Squanto taught the Pilgrims
many things. The Settlement Think about what you eat for Thanksgiving dinner. What are you not thankful for?
War,homework, old shoes, etc. There are many ways to express thankfulness. Some people decorate their homes with the following Pilgrim related items:
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