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Characters & Costume

Some /Pictures abnd information about the way we styled our costume and the effect it had.

Lauren Kirby

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Characters & Costume

Double click anywhere & add an idea Simon - 'The Stalker'
During our piece we aimed to create naturalistic costume. Kevin is wearing a lot of black to create mystery and give him a sinister appearance for the audience watching. Being the stalker in our thriller we asked Kevin to wear gloves to emphasize the movements he made with his hands when he drugged the drink.

clothing Karly

We aimed to create Whitney's character to look like a typical teenage casual look. At times we smudged Whitney's makeup when she had been 'crying' to show fear. This also showed the mess she was in once she had been drugged - a technique used by many modern day thriller films. Dannii
My character's costume was pretty similar in the sense that my costume was naturalistic - an item of clothing any teenager would wear, the audience can relate to this.
COSTUME & MAKEUP Niks Character
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