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Chemistry Safty Presnetation


Sarah White

on 10 September 2009

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Transcript of Chemistry Safty Presnetation

HEATING AND FIRE SAFETY 1. Maintan a clean work area near flame so nothing catches on fire. 11. Don't heat anything in glass unless the glass is heat resistant. 111. NEVER reach or lean across a flame. 1V.NEVER LEAVE HEAT SOURCE UNATTENDED. V. NEVER heat anything in a closed container. V1. Before picking up a container that has been heated, hold the back of your hand to the container. V11. If a fire were to break out or your clothes catch on fire smother it with a fire blanket or roll on the ground. walk away slowly Small bench-top fires in lab spaces are typical and not uncommon. The majority of lab fires have resulted from mental or procedural errors. Labs using solvents in any quantity, have a very high potential for flash fires, explosion, rapid spread of fire, and high toxicity of products of combustion (heat, smoke, and flame).
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