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Pines By Blake Crouch

No description

Brandon Yi

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Pines By Blake Crouch

Pines By Blake Crouch
Brandon Yi Pr. 1
Character and Character Development
Ethan was always a rebel in his time in wayward pines
Always questions the rules that were placed in the utopian society
Ethan's interaction with Kate confirmed his suspensions
The people of wayward pines believe in the rules of forgetting the past and live in the present
Ethan's external conflict is with the town as,these people seem to be unaware of the outside world
He is being restricted to make contact with the outside world
His internal conflict is with concision as he second guest all of his actions,due to the town's persuasiveness
The theme to this book is mystery
The message that is sent to the readers are self confidence and resilience as Ethan had only himself to depend on as he seek for the truth
key passages
"Beverly lifted the flashlight and let it shine on her right and, where between her thumb and first finger,she held something that resembled a microchip"pg 162- discoveries
"you could be happy,Ethan..you could have an amazing life here.."pg108- relationship between individuals
"I loved him always..even when i found out, i knew I'd forgive him..He had me, you know"pg 76-personal history

the message is impacted by the location as Ethan was trapped in a utopian society
timing is another factor as Ethan is unaware of the time spent in the town.
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