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Warner Molina

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of NEWSPAPER INA

DOLLAR 1.60c
Monday, October 28, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A Delicious Fruit Full of Pollutants
All of us know how important the pineapple plantations are in our community, but do you know all about the damage that it make to the environment?
Since Costa Rica has exported pineapple to other countries, Sarapiqui has turned out one of the most important places to cultivate this fruit, that means bad news to the environment, however good news to the government.
Those companies work with many different kinds of pesticides and all of them are dangerous for nature, as a result, some species of fishes were disappeared; one of them was the multi-color sardine.
Moreover, they have destroyed more than 35.000 hectares in all sarapiqui forest, producing changes in the weather, land and rivers.
However, the government has increased its earns in the last years with help of these companies, this is the reason why they don’t interrupt with the companies proceedings, and they just ignored this problems.
In addition, all those pineapple plantations should chance the way to grow, and they must use another kind of chemicals which don’t pollute the ground. So as community we should work with these pineapple plantations, looking for new ways to grow up ecologically together.


Many issues can be prevented or addressed with good communication

Creating formal opportunities for people:

Formal introduction of new employees

Hearing out employees perception of ‘what works and what does not' for them and for customers

Frequent and informative
briefings on company performance and aims,
which show transparency and help engagement

The Communication Loop
Part of the communication process is also to
publicly display
those who have done well and should be recognized

Employee of the Month
or being a
should be given importance to create a culture which will foster the satisfaction of having one’s efforts acknowledged

Apart from formal feedback,
regular consistent daily feedback
and recognition is of the utmost importance and keeps people ‘in the mood’

The Naming Game
robust HR structure
, which includes realistic and healthy
policies and procedures
needs to be in place

There needs to be
transparency and frankness in expectations
but also in performance management

Firm disciplinary action
needs to be taken when necessary, showing to employees that there is a mutual relationship which requires effort from both parties

Expectations & Boundaries
The r
elationship between employees and customers
is direct,
and not to be devalued

Customers will make or break a business
and the investment in choosing, training and developing the right staff members is crucial to ensure that those reaching out to the customers are doing so appropriately, in the best possible way and effectively

Customer satisfaction
needs to be taken into consideration

Customer reviews may be something which the company may consider doing to assess individual staff members and/or team performance

The Intimate Relationship
Thank You
Costa Rica is known for being
a green country with an amazing
biodiversity, and just Sarapiquí
has half of wildlife in the country
which catches the attention of
many tourists who visit this
beautiful place.

Sarapiquí is rich in flora y fauna, this place is home of 3000 species of plants, 425 species of birds, 500 species of frogs and butterflies, plus 142 species of mammals, among them are monkeys, iguanas, alligators, crocodiles, turtles and otters. In addition Sarapiquí has many different and exotic kinds of flowers.

People love to visit Sarapiquí because it has a lot of recreation activities. It is so popular to go rafting and kayaking in the Sarapiquí River. The travels in boat are the nicest experiences for people who enjoy the peace and quietness surrounds the river.

Sarapiquí is a treasure because of its characteristics, which make it a beautiful place. People who live there work to protect and preserve the environment.
Part of the beauty of Costa Rica is here in Sarapiquí, an awesome place to enjoy and appreciate the nature.

Santos Bermudez Zamora.
Works: Hacienda Pozo Azul.

"One of the most important resources that Sarapiquí has to take care is its river. We have good turism, but obviously it could be better".
Dayna Oviedo Dávila.
Works: Aguas Bravas.

"I think Sarapiquí has everything to develop in tourism. It has excellent places and beautiful scenery which make Sarapiquí an unique place".

As you know the “Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje” is a great public teaching institute. Even so INA Sarapiquí is compromised for taking care of nature and also creating in its students an environmental conscience.
A few years ago INA institute has been implementing in its environmental policies some changes, following and participating in the global program Blue Flag Ecological;

Every year this institution is planting trees, only in Sarapiquí area there will be planted a thousand native trees by INA students per year, looking to reach the carbon neutrality.
Additionally, INA is a good example of how an institution can be sustainable and responsible with environment.

moreover it is applying in its statements the control of the overall using of its resources, taking in count some rubrics as water consumption, electricity consumption, waste
management, sewer management, paper using, sustainable buying, and adaptability; thus, INA takes monthly measures to keep in control these factors.
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