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Prezi vs PPT

No description

Stuart Simpson

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of Prezi vs PPT

and present Comparing an 'old standard'
presentation program
against an up-and-coming
production platform That's a quick look at PowerPoint.
But, as our friends at
Monty Python would say,... S omething COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! is As you can see,
Prezi offers a unique
presentation platform.
But besides the
"cool" factor, there are
other benefits... This web-based program
is available free
for up to 100 MB
of storage Free iPad app to view Prezi
presentations Dozens of tutorials
are available at
Prezi.com and
on YouTube AND NOW FOR There are also
a few things to
consider before
starting to build
your Prezi
presentations... It's more difficult to learn how to use and an eye for design helps Limited spelll check is available and it's more difficult to make last minute changes PowerPoint offers
more flexibility in the
finished presentation,
where the order or content
of slides may be changed.
Prezi provides more
impact and interest,
and... There's no clear winner
in this presentation confrontation... VIDEO! But now, hopefully, you better understand Prezi and some of its benefits,
because... A year's subscription for educational use is $59 Only a limited number
of fonts are
provided A Presentation
Confrontation Somerset Community College is one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the nation. Our mission, as a member
of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System,
is to offer a high-quality, targeted education to meet the professional and personal goals of all Kentuckians.
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